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Simple Countertop Cooking with Toasters and Toaster Oven Sets

Cooking quick and satisfying meals is simple with the right countertop accessories in your kitchen, like a toaster or a toaster oven. These small appliances are easy to use, won't heat up your home and can cook a wide variety of small meals or snacks. Using either of these great tools, you can leave the oven off and your bulky pots and pans untouched and still create a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Classic Toasters

Toasters are the ideal breakfast companion, serving up perfectly toasted bread, bagels, frozen waffles or English muffins in minutes. Slather your toast with butter, jam, peanut butter, honey or your favorite spread and pair with a cup of coffee, tea or juice to start your morning off right. For lunch or dinner, toasted bread can be used to make a warm sandwich or paired with butter and garlic for easy and tasty garlic bread.

A 2-slice toaster from great brands like Cuisinart, KitchenAid and Williams Sonoma won't take up much countertop space but adds plenty of value to your kitchen. A 4-slice toaster is better for busier kitchen as the extra slots let you toast twice as much bread at once. Both 2- and 4-slice toasters have a dial that lets you set the toasting level from light to dark. Some appliances also have extra features like touch screen buttons instead of manual dials, a special setting for toasting bagels and a removable tray to catch crumbs for easy cleanup.

Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven can do everything that a classic toaster can do and more. In addition to toasting bread products, these mini ovens can be used to warm or cook side dishes, desserts or even create full meals. Customize your cooking experience by setting the temperature manually or use the different preset modes, which may include settings like bake, toast, roast, reheat and defrost. Smart ovens by brands like All-Clad and Breville offer ultimate cooking convenience with over a dozen preset modes.

Some mini oven sets also come with special pans to facilitate the cooking process, like small muffin pans, sheet pans, pizza pans and cake pans. Using these pans, you can cook everything from homemade pizza and bread to delicious sweet treats like muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Use an ice cream machine to whip up a batch of homemade ice cream and you'll have a complete dessert course for a birthday celebration or a special family dinner.

Upgrade your kitchen countertops with great appliances like a toaster or toaster oven. A 2-slice toaster fits into any small space on your kitchen shelves or counters and lets you perfectly toast a variety of bread products in minutes. Smart ovens and oven sets take up more space but can cook and reheat just about anything that can fit the small pans. Use a toaster or mini convection oven instead of your main oven for your next meal to save time, reduce electricity use and keep your home cool.

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