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Having Fun with Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

Outfitting your kitchen with oven mitts and pot holders is a fun way to add color to your home. These handy everyday items are a must in the kitchen.  If you love cooking or baking, it becomes even more important to always have clean mitts and holders on hand.

What Are Oven Mitts & Pot Holders?

Oven mitts are padded gloves used for handling hot pots, pans or dishes.

  • Mitts are shaped slightly different than a traditional glove that encases each finger.
  • An oven mitt has two compartments -- one for your thumb and the other for your four fingers.
  • They often have a loop by the wrist opening for easy hanging on a hook under a cabinet or along a wall.

Pot holders are squares or rectangles made of thick fabric. They're also for handling hot dishes and usually have a loop.

Do They Have to Match?

Your oven mitts and pot holders don't have to match -- but it's fun when they do.

  • Start with buying a few sets in matching colors. Get one of each in two or three of your favorite shades.
  • Mix in patterns in the same color, too. Try a solid mitt and a striped pot holder or a traditional checkered pattern to go with your solids.
  • Pair your color and pattern choices with the rest of your kitchen. Choose towels or other linens in matching colors, too.
  • Many people select special sets for holidays or seasons, too. Changing colors or seasonal motifs helps keep your home feeling fresh and updated.

Worthwhile Special Features for Cooking & Baking

Some cooking or baking projects require a little more coverage than your average oven mitt or pot holder. When you do things like make pizza in a pizza oven or deep fry chicken, you need more features.

  • Look for mitts with superlative heat resistance. Some mitts can handle up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • These high-heat mitts are usually dipped in silicone, so pay attention to care instructions to guarantee longevity.
  • Try a longer wrist or arm to the mitt. When you choose a mitt with a longer arm, try one with a split in it. The split lets you bend your arms without bunching up the mitt.

Once you have as many mitts and pot holders as you need, start thinking of more ways to use them. The kitchen fun keeps going when you add new recipes to your week.

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