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It's Definitely OK to Live in Your Apron

You have your favorite sweater and a couple of dresses or jackets that work for every occasion. Why not have a favorite apron? These simple kitchen garments are wonderful for all kinds of homekeeping, so it's only natural you'd spend a lot of time in yours. Wear it with pride. It's a sign of your devotion to your home.

What Is An Apron?

It is a protective smock worn over your clothing when you cook or clean. They tie around the waist and sometimes tie at the neck. If they don't tie at the neck, there's a half-loop attached to the top of the bib for you to slip over your head.

Work it Into Your Look

Modern aprons are made with care and attention to detail for fabrics, silhouettes, the quality of seams, pockets and straps. Wearing one as a natural part of your look in the kitchen has never been easier.

  • Select a slim-fitting one in a dark color to pair with clothes for entertaining. That way, when you're done preparing and serving, you can join the table in your entertainment finery.
  • When you're preparing weekday dinners, wear your favorite one to feel a sense of purpose and pride in your meal efforts. Wear it in so it feels just as good as that favorite sweater.

They Make Your Life Easier

Once you're used to donning yours, life without one seems like a silly idea. This thing gets the job done in a lot of ways.

  • Need a towel for your hands? Maybe, but you've also got your apron, which is made for quick wiping while preparing ingredients.
  • Your favorite cook's tools probably live in a crock near where you cook, but stick a spoon or a spatula into your pocket for quick switches while cooking over the stovetop or baking with a stand mixer or glass bowls.
  • When cleaning, that pocket comes in handy again. Stuff it with a hand brush or gloves or small cleaning products to carry throughout the house.

Get All The Colors

They also make a great collection. Find a wall space to hang them up and start choosing your favorite colors or patterns.

  • When you have several of them, you will always have a clean one at hand.
  • With several colors in your kitchen, you'll feel confident tying one on when making dinner for impromptu guests.
  • Match them not only to your wardrobe but to your kitchen colors, too. This level of coordination is fun, but also looks amazing and helps you feel more at home.

Give as Gifts

Start spreading the love. Give these handy kitchen essentials as gifts to your homekeeping family and friends, too. What a way to start a new fashion trend!

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