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Refresh Your Kitchen Towels

Indulge in the satisfaction of all new kitchen towels. This simple refresh makes a major impact in your kitchen, both from a design perspective and by making cooking, serving and cleaning neater and easier for you.

The well-stocked kitchen has lots of dish towels at hand throughout the room. Fold a few over your oven door handle, keep at least one by your kitchen island and have one or two near the sink or dishwasher. Change them out regularly to make sure your space is clean and ready for action.

Use Dish Cloths for Serving

Dish cloths make serving meals infinitely easier. Mitts or potholders keep your hands safe and cool while you reach into the oven or grab a pot off a burner, but dish towels enter the picture as vital kitchen support when things are really cooking.

  • Use kitchen towels as extra trivets or big mats to place hot items while cooking, moving items around burners, or to place out on a buffet or counter.
  • Double up on heat protection by folding towels and using them as makeshift mitts when you're multi-tasking for an important meal or entertaining.
  • Carry dishes out to the table with fresh towels. Leave the towels on the table to cover dishes and keep them warm or make it easy to pass dishes while they're still hot.

New Dish Towels Make Clean-Up Easy

Cleaning up after cooking or during your regular weekly clean is easiest when you have a stack of fresh kitchen towels to grab.

  • Select several towels at once or pick up a few sets.
  • Assign one color for counters and another for dishes to separate cleaning chemicals and food ingredients.
  • Use towels to lay out flatware or plates to dry while you do the dishes.
  • Hand-dry special items, like crystal or other pieces that stay out of the dishwasher.
  • Give pieces fresh out the dishwasher a final wipe to remove droplets or watermarks.

Freshen Your Kitchen Decor

Enhance the look of your kitchen decor with new towels. If you've been pining for a refresh, a quick color swap makes a big difference. You can play with patterns or motifs, too, like hearts, lemons, checks and stripes, or a single band of contrast color.

This is a great way to test out a new color before committing to a renovation, or the perfect finishing touch to a new kitchen look you worked on for a long time.

Add Kitchen Towels on as Gifts

When you shop for houseware gifts, toss in a pack of towels to make your gift extra-generous. The sumptuousness of a stack of new towels on top of a wrapped gift or tucked into a basket adds a special touch, so your gift recipient knows you put extra care into your present.

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