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Meat & Poultry Tools

Make your main dish a hit with the right meat & poultry tools available at Williams-Sonoma. We know that you love to grill when the weather is beautiful out and prepare delightful meals for the people you care about, so we offer the best tools to help get the job done just right every time. Choose from our selection of tongs and forks that guarantee you always have the right meat and poultry tools on hand. Opt for shredding claws to easily pull apart everything from barbecued pork to roasted chicken to create sandwiches, burritos and casseroles. Meat shredding claws are larger than forks, making quick work of even the largest cuts of meat.

When working with meat, kitchen shears that are sharp and durable enough to handle prime cuts as well as in-bone meats make your food prep easier. Our poultry sheers are top-quality and can cut easily through meat and bones without tearing the delicate meat. Opt for shears with a notched blade that you can use to crack bones. Textured stainless-steel provides a steady grip; and look for special features including shears that can be locked closed for storage. Opt for micro kitchen shears to trim meats and poultry or crack walnuts and chop dried fruit.

Making meat soft and tender comes down to using the right tools including tenderizer and flavor enhancers. Use the textured side of a tenderizer to break down tough meat fibers for a smooth texture, and use the flat side to pound and flatten meats from squid to pork and beef. Add and monitor flavor with timers, thermometers and basters that help you create a perfect taste every time. Basters are ideal for use with poultry including chicken and turkey, resulting in juicy cuts that are perfect for every occasion from family dinners to Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays. Timers and thermometers ensure your meats reach the safe cooking temperatures without overcooking.

When preparing and enjoying meats, one of the best tools to have on hand is a quality knife set. Opt for a knife block that comes equipped with all the tools you need from steak knives to large choppers and slicers. Our knife sets are designed to fit your needs whether you are just learning how to cook or need professional quality equipment. If you’re a professional chef, opt for a larger knife set that includes specialty knives to help you tackle any job. If you’re just a beginner, opt for a basic knife set that offers the most essential tools to cook meats and poultry with ease.

Spice up your cooking with smoking tools for your meat and poultry deliciousness. Opt for a smoking gun to effortlessly infuse meat and poultry with natural applewood and hickory flavors. You can use smoking guns to add smoky flavor before or after cooking, making this a versatile tool to keep on hand. Just add smoking wood chips in the burn chamber, light and then use the flexible hose to add smoke to foods in sealed containers such as resealable bags.

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with grill tools and accessories that turn you into the ultimate grill master. Grill up juicy burgers and use a cast-iron burger press to help maintain their shape and flavor on the grill. You can even opt for a stuffed burger press to create exquisite filling from fine cheeses to marmalades in the middle of your burgers. Grill presses help you make sure every inch of meat is cooked to perfection by adding weight to meats and poultry pieces that may not naturally lay flat on the grill. Personalize your meat with a monogrammed brander that adds your signature to each piece you cook.

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