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Baking & Pastry Tools

Baking and pastry creations often involve more science than art, so outfit yourself with the measuring cups and other measuring tools you need including ingredient scales and measuring spoons. At Williams-Sonoma we offer high-quality, durable liquid and dry measuring tools like the ones used in professional kitchens. Our pastry prep boards and pie mats have outlines to help you create symmetrical crusts that perfectly fit the pans you use. Order a flour sifter and rolling pin in your favorite styles to have all of the tools you need for creating pie crusts, cookies and fondant cake coverings.

Every baker and pastry chef needs an ample supply of mixing bowls in a variety of sizes. You’ll appreciate several small bowls to create an arrangement of frosting colors for the pastry-piping bag when decorating treats. We carry a full assortment of mixing bowls in ceramic, glass, stainless-steel, melamine and wood. Remember to add a copper bowl to your collection if you want the highest peaks in your beaten egg whites. Our decorator kits and piping-bag sets are available with a variety of tips and bag sizes to adorn candies, cakes, petit fours and pastries with your favorite designs and sentiments.

Stock up on plenty of cake pans and bakeware sets so you’re all ready for holidays and special occasions. Our fondant cutters, cookie cutters and other decorating tools enhance the delicious cakes you create with our artistic and varied cake pans. Offset and straight icing spatulas let you frost cakes, cookies, cupcakes and breads like the pros do, with clean edges and smooth surfaces. Use our fun cupcake liners in our muffin and cupcake pans, then add matching toppers from our collection to make special treats for birthday parties and other special occasions.

Consider ordering several of our sturdy whisks so you always have one handy. Whisks save you time in the kitchen when you have a small batch of ingredients to whip and you don’t feel like involving the electric mixer. French whisks offer a more narrow wire shape for small bowls and pitchers. Balloon whisks efficiently fluff up egg whites and heavy cream. Mixing whisks are wonderful tools to incorporate a variety of ingredients in a baking or pastry recipe. Flat whisks are handy tools to have when cooking candy, frosting or pudding over the stove. They’re super efficient when stirring and breaking up soft bits at the bottom of the pan.

Outfit your baking and pastry area with plenty of spatulas to mix and prepare sweets and treats. Our silicone spatulas stand up to abuse and help you get every last bit of batter or dough out of the mixing bowl. Choose from spatulas with wooden, stainless-steel and silicone handles that best suit your baking and pastry-making style. Turners and metal spatulas are also must-haves in the baker’s and pastry chef’s kitchen arsenal. Broad turners let you move and turn over large cookies and pastries. Small slotted turners are great for retrieving fried pastries and donuts when they’re golden brown. Silicone turners work well when moving fondant and candy creations.

Shop our collection of niche baking and pastry tools to find the exact items you need for your goodie workshop. Order plenty of parchment paper to line cookie sheets, cake molds and bread pans to virtually eliminate stubborn sticking and messy cleanup of your bakeware. We also offer baking sprays and silicone-coated baking papers. Create your own pastry tool kit with selections including our pastry crimpers, blenders and cutters. Add biscuit cutter sets and cooling racks for more professional results with your sweet treats and breads. Whether you need a new cookie press, cupcake corer, batter dispenser or cookie scoop, we have the tools to make your pastry and baking endeavors more efficient and consistent.

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