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New Bakeware

Imagine the cakes and cookies you’ll produce with new bakeware! Virtually any baker’s mouth would water over the possibility of new bakeware sets. Williams-Sonoma offers the Goldtouch line of nonstick bakeware, which features distinctive elegance for pies, bars, cookies and cakes. These professional-quality pieces consist of aluminized steel, which distributes heat effectively for stellar baking results. With several different lines of bakeware sets, there’s a set to fit every baker and every budget. Don’t overlook the simple joys of adding beautiful bakeware to your collection. The Ruffled baker set is made of Burgundian clay, and it features a distinctive ruffled edge on its pieces.

A busy baker can’t ever have too many cake pans. Some of the new bakeware hitting the scene includes festive shapes of the seasons. A fall cakelet pan will help you create small cakes in adorable acorn, pumpkin and oak leaf shapes. Make cakelet bites with smaller versions of the same shapes. You can even celebrate an apple harvest with an apple cakelet pan. Bake up a batch of beautiful teacakes with a pan especially designed for this purpose. Your Bundt cakes will be a sight to behold with the Bundt pans available. These cake pans all feature a nonstick surface for flawless turnout every time.

With a set or two of new bakeware, you may find yourself ready for fun decorating tools to embellish your baked goods. A baker who spends a lot of time decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies may decide to invest in extensive decorating tips and tubes. A stainless-steel tube set will give you all of the important tips that you’ll need for making flowers, scrolls and shells on pastries. Professional-grade decorating kits also include a few tips, couplers and nylon bags that will hold frosting or icing. Once you begin decorating your baked goods, you may find the process a little addicting, because there are so many creative options for adding frosting decorations.

If pies or tarts are on the dessert menu, pie dishes and tart pans will lend an artistic touch to these baked goods. Choose from pie dishes in a variety of colors, made from many different materials. From stoneware to glass to porcelain, there’s a pie dish for every delectable pie. Extra-deep pie dishes allow for even more goodness in every bite. Tarts will be a thing to behold, and you can even choose from round, rectangular or mini tart pans. Don’t forget about savory quiches as you’re considering the many ways to use your new bakeware, tart and pie dishes.

A chef who is challenged to find enough time in the kitchen may appreciate using baking mixes and ingredients to shorten the time in the kitchen. This can be especially helpful for anyone excited to have new bakeware to use but who doesn’t have the time to make desserts from scratch. Try whipping up a pie crust in no time thanks to the pie crust mix available. You can then add a jar of blueberry pie filling to finish a sumptuous blueberry pie. When the gang craves cookies, reach for fast and easy cookie mixes, such as vanilla sugar or red velvet cookie mix. Even a junior baker in the kitchen has a few American Girl dessert mixes from which to choose.

Along with new bakeware, make sure you have a generous assortment of mixing bowls in your kitchen. These important essentials will help you mix and whip together unforgettable desserts. While glass and stainless-steel mixing bowls may be the standard, there are plenty of other options as well. Look for bowls with lovely prints, such as botanic pumpkins to get you into an autumn mood.

New bakeware can inspire a wealth of new desserts, which your family will enjoy eating.