Fans & Air Purifiers

If you live in a part of the country where temperatures are north of 80 degrees Fahrenheit more often than not, and you have note opted to have air conditioning, then a good floor fan is your new best friend. During the most sweltering days complete with an extra dose of humidity, you have to run the fan all day, but your preference is not to hear it. Having a fan that ejects very little noise helps with your precision hearing, so you never missing a ringing phone or your kids calling to you from elsewhere in the house. Take pleasure in the turbo breeze and quietness of the Rowenta silencer floor fan. This silent yet extra powerful pedestal fan is the result of engineering with a five-blade propeller design. Your air chills on the spot with the push of a button as the fan moves air up 2,436 cubic feet every moment, dropping a space’s temperature almost instantly. This is all while expelling no more than 55 dB, which is equivalent to a quiet library on a decibel meter. Rotate the fan in any direction 90 degrees, and situate it to face you while you sit at your computer and work away or place it in a room to share its strong cooling action with other family members.

Keep the heat in the kitchen at bay with Rowenta’s table variety of its quiet turbo fan. Dress your countertop with this fan designed just for a table to keep you comfortable while whipping up your famous dishes for the annual summer backyard party. This countertop fan possesses the same engineering genius as the floor version, moving air around as a pace that knocks down the heat index instantly and featuring the same silent characteristics. Choose from three settings or for those days when you just can’t beat the heat, go straight for the turbo boost alternative.

Ward off the common cold and keep your nose and throat moist any time of the year with the Rowenta humidifier, available through Williams-Sonoma. Dry air affects your skin or lips as well, so let this humidifier use its ultrasonic technology to do its magic, filling the room with tiny water beads that evaporate, keeping a dry environment a distant memory. The trio of modes―auto, baby and night―set appropriate humidity levels, and then turn off when the devices prompts itself, if necessary. When not in use, store the 8-pound humidifier easily in the closet next to the vacuum and brooms.

If you are the family’s culinary wiz, spending a lot of time cooking and baking your masterpieces, then find those hot summer days and nights perfectly bearable when our Otto wood fan joins you in your cooking quarters on your kitchen island. This small, contemporary fan unites stainless steel and sapele wood from Africa. This industrial fan is not only a great kitchen companion, but also works well as an office buddy, when air conditioning isn’t available. From the rear of the fan, test drive all three speed settings and take pleasure in its soft sound.

Even though you are a clean freak, dusting and mopping on a weekly basis, your house still contains elements that you likely prefer gone. With the Rowenta auto purifier in your home, it filters out 99.97 percent of the interior pollution, some left behind from everyday cleaning products and even your favorite scented candles. With the device in auto mode, smart sensors on this purifier do all hard work by adjusting its filtration speed according what particles it identifies in the room. Consider the room safe from most allergens, pet dander, mold, dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria with the strength of the purifier’s four-stage HEPA filtration system.