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Discover Upscale Dish Racks and Caddies

Doing dishes gets a little more zen when you have beautiful dish racks. Let yourself enjoy the flow of water over fine crystal as you care for your treasured glassware or high-end pots and pans. With a dish rack that has room for everything and fits neatly onto your counter, this mundane chore starts to feel more like another opportunity for you to enjoy your streamlined kitchen design. Some of your favorite names in home-keeping are putting lots of thought into how to make dish racks efficient and good-looking. Discover their offerings when you shop Williams Sonoma right now.

What Are Dish Racks?

Dish racks are containers designed for you to dry dishes after washing them by hand. They usually rest on a countertop next to the sink and can remain there or be stored for later use if you only use them for certain items.

  • Racks are entirely or partially openly framed to allow water to dry and drain onto a board or towels that sit beneath the rack.
  • Many racks come with a draining board that is slightly sloped toward your sink. Some people prefer to place their own thick kitchen towel underneath the rack and change it out frequently.
  • A variant on dish racks are kitchen sink caddies, which can be used to hold used glassware or plates until you're ready to wash them, dry washed items or hold cleaning aids, like dish brushes or specialty sponges.

The Benefits of Kitchen Sink Caddies

Using kitchen sink caddies can be a stand-alone organizational element or you can use yours in conjunction with your dish rack. Both are good ideas, depending on your sink layout and preferred countertop organization.

  • By using a caddy, you can easily separate dinnerware or glassware that is awaiting care from pieces that are ready to dry. This elevates your kitchen wares off the surface of the sink, protecting both your wares and your sink finish.
  • A caddy is also useful if you hand-wash certain items every day. For instance, upscale cutlery with wooden handles are best cared for by hand.
  • Even with the use of a caddy, your dish rack is where you can place things like your delicate china once washed or a cast-iron pan that needs a coating of oil before storage.

Finding Dish Rack Styles for You

Check out genuinely progressive takes on this basic household item, like a compact rack that still has room for fine cutlery or a raised rack with stainless steel walls to hide the dishes while they dry. Dish racks are looking better than ever these days.