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Bar Tools

Turn your living room or patio into the best bar in the neighborhood with the tools of the trade in our bar accessories collection at Williams Sonoma. Available in metallic hues and painted enamel, these essential accessories let you create a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails right in the comfort of home. Choose from individual pieces to create a custom collection. Or, pick up bar sets that include multiple accessories. Details like shiny and brushed metallic finishes in stainless-steel, copper and gold complement your existing tabletop and bar pieces.

Shaken and Stirred

If your go-to drink is a martini, amaretto sour or a Moscow mule, pick up cocktail mixers to create the blend of flavors you enjoy. With a cocktail shaker, you also can chill the drink with the right amount of dilution and aeration. That way, the drink tastes the same from the first sip to the last. Choose a classic Boston shaker for an authentic bar experience. This type of shaker has two pieces: a large mixing container usually made from metal and a smaller metal cup or pint glass. These shakers are quick to use and easy to clean, but they require some skill to create a seal between the cups before you start shaking. A cobbler shaker has three pieces, including a mixer, lid with a built-in strainer and a cap to cover it. For many people, these strainers are easy to use, but they may leak slightly. French shakers are less common than the other two strainers, but you may appreciate how they combine the best features of the Boston and cobbler shakers.

Mixing, Measuring and Muddling

Build your collection of bar accessories and expand your repertoire of cocktails and mixed drinks with additional tools for blending and finishing drinks. Start with a strainer that you place over the shaker or mixing glass before pouring a drink. Choose one that covers the opening of your shaker so you can keep ingredients like citrus pulp and ice out of the finished drink. If you or your guests enjoy mojitos, mint juleps or caipirinhas, pick up a muddler for mashing mint, cherries and other fresh ingredients. A citrus press or reamer does double duty at the bar and in the kitchen when you need freshly squeezed lemon, lime or orange juice. Round out your collection with bottle-opening tools like a flat bottle opener or wine key. You can even add some flair to your bar with a built-in novelty bottle opener shaped like a character or figure. Although a shot glass will do in a pinch, a jigger gives you more precise liquor measurements for even tastier drinks.

Chilly and Fizzy Flavors

Some drinks just taste better served on the rocks or with a light chill, but that doesn’t mean you have to use traditional ice cubes. Make your own ice creations with novelty ice molds shaped like flowers, fruit or globes. Prepare them in advance and store them in an ice bucket that keep them at the right temperature until you’re ready to use them. Give classic mixed drinks a twist by making your own carbonated beverages with a soda machine. A home soda machine lets you make as much carbonated water or soda as you need without the empty cans stacked up in a corner. Complete your home bar with citrus peelers and picks for creating garnishes and an espresso maker for after-dinner drinks.

Sometimes the best night out is one you spend at home. Create your dream bar with our accessories and discover how much you enjoy sharing your mixology skills with your friends.

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