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Coasters & Trivets

Whether you want to protect your living room furniture from unsightly water rings or keep hot bakeware and cookware from scalding your kitchen counter, coasters and trivets are highly practical items that can prevent damage to your home and furniture. Coasters and trivets can also serve a similar function to charger plates, providing support and aesthetic enhancement for the dinnerware on your table. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of different options in this flexible product category, meaning you can create a collection of different protective padding for any surface you choose. Give yourself – and your courteous guests – peace of mind by providing coasters for use wherever you and your guests might set down beverages.

When combined with other dual-purpose protective and decorative elements, such as tablecloths and place mats, coasters provide an extra layer of security that your treasured possessions will escape unscathed from proximity to chilled beverages and red wines. We offer different styles for our coasters and trivets, including luxe materials like marble and hammered copper. For less formal occasions and casual settings, we offer coasters in stylishly rustic and earthy materials, such as hand-woven, lacquered raffia. All of our product options in this category allow you to balance form and function according to your particular taste and needs, and they also make great gifts for people you love who host parties and appreciate a functional gift.

From iced drinks to chilled bottles of wine, we have coasters that can protect finished wood and other surfaces that can suffer from water stains. Because chilled drinks form condensation as they sit in a room that‘s warmer than the liquid inside the glass, they are prime candidates for creating drip marks or rings on a table or other surface. However, coasters can also be useful for other kinds of drinks, particularly glasses or bottles of red wine. A single innocent drip can run down the side of the glass or bottle and collect around the bottom, leaving an unsightly moisture or color stain that can be hard to remove. Using coasters for your glasses and bottles allows you and your guests to go about your business without worrying about leaving a stain, making them a worthwhile accessory for your entertaining efforts.

While coasters work to keep your glassware and bottles from making marks on your furniture, trivets can do the same for kitchen counters and other food prep surfaces. They‘re also quite useful for serving if you plan to take a hot dish, such as a Dutch oven or soup tureen straight to the table or place it on a buffet. Although trivets mostly work to protect surfaces from heat, they can also be excellent for providing a surface upon which ice buckets, bowls of chilled drinks and other cold containers can sit. Like our coasters, our trivets provide a balance between function and style, allowing you to provide a polished presentation for any occasion.

Trivets and coasters are versatile tools for cooking and entertaining. You can even repurpose them to work as part of a decor display, supporting candles and even vases of flowers or plant pots on surfaces you want to go the extra mile to protect. Because our available options include stylish marble and sleek metallics, you can make these protective items look like a natural part of your decor in any part of the house easily. If you simply want to use them for their intended purpose, you‘ll still find that our trivets and coasters are highly useful in a number of different situations. Pick up a few different sets of coasters for seasonal use and to put in different parts of the house. You may find that they come in handy everywhere from your dining table to your night stand.