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Kitchen Thermometers & Timers

How do you decide when your food is done cooking? Maybe you go by the color of your meat, or just wing it in hopes that it’s fully cooked. By using a kitchen thermometer and timer, you’ll be a more responsible cook with consistently healthier and more impressive results. Let our cooking experts at Williams Sonoma give you important tips on types of thermometers and timers and how they can help you become an even better cook.

Types of Thermometers

Thermometers have become easier to use and read over the years. You have your choice of styles to help you get the job done, too. It’s easier than ever to find a thermometer that meets your needs with these types available:

Smart thermometers: Smart thermometers help you clearly find out the temperature of your food from within range of your home’s Wi-Fi connection. Pair the thermometer with your tablet or smartphone for on-screen monitoring of the temperature, cooking progress and time remaining until things are finished. Smart thermometers are well-known for their pin-point accurate temperature readings. Program the thermometer and its special app to create pop-up alerts and multiple timers for other dishes. Store recipes and your cooking history for future reference.

Digital thermometers: Digital thermometers come in two styles. There are instant-read digital models, also known as thermocouple thermometers. These have fast and accurate response times. Leave-in digital thermometers, also known as probe thermometers, remain in meat while it cooks to monitor temperature without opening the oven. A long cord with a probe at the end is attached at the other end to a base unit with a screen that gives you a temperature readout. If you think you’ll use a thermometer on a daily basis, consider one that’s waterproof and dishwasher-safe, just like what professional chefs rely on.

Dial thermometers: Good old-fashioned manual thermometers give you an instant read when you stick them into your meat or poultry. They also work well when your meal is still in the oven. For more accurate dial thermometers, consider button thermometers with 2"-long stems that you can use specifically for cuts of beef or poultry. Poultry buttons indicate breast and thigh meat temperatures.

Grill thermometers: Use a thermometer fork for thick cuts of meat, poultry and fish you’re grilling for instant digital readouts. Find out if your grill is hot enough to start cooking with a surface thermometer you place directly on the grill’s grates. A grill thermometer can gauge the surface temperature from 100 degrees to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Infrared thermometers: Much like a scanner, just point the thermometer at the surface of a pan or grill to instantly find the temperature of the surface.

You’ll also find specialty candy thermometers. Often, you can use your regular meat or poultry thermometer to gauge temperatures for melting chocolate and other sweet ingredients.

Types of Timers

Beautiful kitchen clocks keep your kitchen humming. Efficient timers keep your cooking on target, especially during the holidays:

Multi-timer: A multitasking timer is an ideal tool to have during holiday dinners. It’s great for keeping tabs on cooking times for all of your various dishes – especially complex dinners or multiple courses. Hard-working timers keep track of four dishes at once, alerting you with sounds and lights that get your attention even in the hubbub of your kitchen.

Egg timer: To time eggs, use a timer that goes directly into the pot of boiling water to specifically show you when an egg is boiled soft, medium or hard. Ingenious little egg timers change color to show the level of an egg’s doneness.

Novelty timer: Bring a little nostalgic levity to your kitchen with a food-shaped timer. It may even inspire your kids to give you a helping hand in the kitchen when they get to twist on the timer.

With a thermometer and timer, you’re covered in your kitchen. Say hello to perfectly prepared meals that are done right on time.

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