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Stock & Multi Pots

A large, accommodating pot can work wonders for cooking soups, stocks, stews and large dishes. Williams-Sonoma features a great collection of stock pots and multi pots in a variety of materials, styles and finishes. Brands like All-Clad, Mauviel and Lagostina offer pieces that you can use for many years to come. Choose between an excellent selection of sizes to accommodate the liquids and ingredients that you need to prepare your favorite meals.


Homemade stocks are great choices if you are a health-conscious cook. Making your own stock lets you control the fat content, salt content and flavors, and you can cut out ingredients, such as preservatives and artificial flavors. A stock pot is an essential item for making home cooked stock. It is essentially a very large pot that can accommodate several cups of water and ingredients such as bones, meat and vegetables. Stock pots come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 quarts to more than 12 quarts. If you want to make large batches in one cooking session and have some storage space available, opt for a larger pot. If your cabinet space is limited, choose a smaller version. Stainless-steel is a popular material for stock pots as it is durable and non-reactive. However, you can also find copper and nonstick options, too.


A soup pot is smaller than a stock pot, but it is still larger than a standard saucepan. A soup pot is a handy tool for making soup and stew with stock that you have already prepared. You can also use it to make small batches of stock. However, it may not accommodate large amounts of ingredients and liquid. Many soup pots have heavier bases than other types of pots. This extra bulk at the base helps distribute heat throughout your cookware and prevents burning at the bottom, which comes in handy while letting ingredients stew for long periods of time. Copper or ceramic soup pots are good choices if you like to make dishes that simmer for hours on end as they are excellent materials for distributing heat evenly and consistently.


As its name implies, a multi pot is a multipurpose cookware item that is helpful for preparing several different meals. This type of pot usually consists of a large outer pot and a removable strainer insert. You can choose to use the pot with the strainer or use it on its own. The strainer is useful for making stock as you can add all of the ingredients to the insert and remove it for instant drainage when your stock is ready. However, this part also comes in handy for preparing pasta, boiled or steamed vegetables and poached dishes as you can simply lift out the strainer out of the pot and add the cooked ingredients to a serving bowl or dish. You can find multi pots in a wide range of sizes. Smaller versions work well for preparing vegetables and small amounts of pasta. Larger multi pots work well for stocks, broths and large family meals.


A good ladle is an excellent utensil to accompany your stock pot and multi pot. If your pot is stainless-steel, you can use a ladle made of any material. If your pot has a nonstick coating, however, choose a wooden or synthetic spoon. Slotted spoons can also be helpful tools to use with this type of cookware. These spoons let you fish out specific ingredients and leave others behind. If you want to use a multi pot, be sure you have a pair of potholders or kitchen towels on hand as the handles of the insert can get hot.


You should avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh scrubbers with any stock pot or multi pot. Instead, wash dishwasher-safe cookware in the dishwasher and clean other items with a soft brush and dish soap. If your pot is made of stainless-steel or copper, you may want to occasionally polish it with a specialty cleaner to restore its shine.

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