Improve Your Cookware Collection With Dutch Ovens

The right cookware can make your dish easier to make and even more delicious. If you're always using the same saucepan, you might want an alternative piece now and then. Dutch ovens are a versatile addition to your cookware collection. These dishes allow you to prepare and serve your food in the same dish, making them ideal for family dinners and dinner parties alike. They improve slow cooking by evenly distributing heat, which allows you to create a delicious dish every time. Learn more about the different models available and their features.

Practical Uses

Discover a new way to prepare classic dishes with the French ovens available at Williams Sonoma.

  • Slow-cooked meals - Slow cooking allows the delicious flavors of your dish to seamlessly blend together. Dutch ovens are ideal for creating these slow-cooked meals that are rich in flavor.
  • Stews and soups - This cookware is ideal for preparing your favorite stews and soups, thanks to ample space and a secure-fitting lid.
  • One-pot dishes - These cocottes and braisers offer a convenient spot to prepare and cook one-pot dishes, which save you the hassle of a multi-dish cleanup.

Key Features

Dutch ovens boast an array of features that make this cookware supremely versatile. Discover the different features that make these cocottes a durable and practical addition to your kitchen cookware.

  • Durable construction - French ovens feature a durable design, crafted of materials like heavyweight cast iron.
  • Superior heat retention -¬†One advantage of braisers is that they offer superior heat retention, which allows your food to stay warm long after you're finished preparing it. This feature makes this cookware ideal for dinner parties and entertaining.
  • Durable, stylish glaze - These cocottes come in an array of colors, allowing you to coordinate them with your existing ovenware. Plus, their durable glaze won't rust, chip or crack.
  • Convenient lids - Lids allow you to cook a variety of dishes in your Dutch oven. Plus, they retain heat and keep your food warm.
  • Different shapes - Consider the food you plan to make in your cookware, and choose your shape accordingly. You can find oval, round and even heart-shaped French ovens.
  • Easy-to-grab handles - Transporting your Dutch oven from the stovetop to your dining table is simple thanks to dual easy-to-grab handles on most models.

If you don't have a Dutch oven in your kitchen, now is the time to invest in one. This cookware is built for durability, meaning it will last you years -- even decades -- to come. Thanks to an array of colors, sizes and styles, you'll have no trouble finding the right French oven for your kitchen. Enjoy the versatility and convenience that this durable piece of cookware delivers.

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