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Grill Pans


Grill Pans and Griddles

Nothing is better than waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning, and with a brand new griddle from Williams-Sonoma, you can do just that. Browse our selection of griddles and grill pans that allow you to cook everything from burgers to pancakes. Because of their versatility, there is almost no limit to what you can do with either a good grill pan or griddle, especially if you draw ideas from your trusty cookbooks. Go ahead and get out your butter or oil to grease the pan and get the grilling party started.

When choosing a griddle or a grill pan, the material makes all the difference. Cookware that is made entirely of metal heats up quickly on the stove and gives you an even cooking surface, letting you utilize every square inch. All-metal cookware is also easy to transfer into the oven after you cook and decide to broil the dish for a couple of minutes to get it crisp and brown. Cast-iron griddles and grill pans keep the seasoning and profiles of everything they cook over time, giving you a nice flavor no matter what you cook. A stainless-steel grill pan can have a nonstick surface that allows you to use less fat while cooking, and it cleans up faster so you can get to dessert.

Grill pans come in a number of varieties that allow you to turn your stove into the closest thing to a barbecue pit you can get indoors. Skinny grills go over either one or two burners on the stove, giving a long, wide cooking surface. Some grill pans are circular, allowing heat to disperse over them more evenly. A grill pan with high sides is perfect for keeping juices, sauces and wet ingredients from getting onto the stove and making a mess.

One of the many advantages of using a grill pan is that it gives your meat similar grill marks that you get from cooking outside. For the ultimate in both grilling and slow-cooking, find a Dutch oven and grill pan combo. These devices feature lids that you can put on the burner to use as a grill pan, and then secure the lid back to the Dutch oven base for airtight slow-cooking at low temperatures.

If you have an outdoor grill but are cooking small foods like chicken wings and shrimp, find a ceramic grill pan to place over the open flames. Some useful accessories for your grill pans include a lid that lets you simmer other foods at low temperatures after your meat finishes cooking and a panini press that gives you the perfect grill marks on sandwiches you cook right on the grill.

A griddle gives you the same cooking surface that diners around the world use, only in the comfort of your own home. Just like at the diner, a home griddle is capable of making everything from breakfast foods like omelets and hash browns to steaks and burgers for dinner. A griddle made of aluminum heats up quickly and evenly, giving you control over the overall temperature throughout the cooking process. Find a griddle with a scratch-resistant surface that allows you to use your metal cooking utensils without doing any damage.

Just like their grill pan-counterparts, griddles come in ceramic versions that let you cook up your breakfast favorites over the open flame of the barbecue pit. If you cannot decide on whether to get a new griddle or grill pan, get both with a dual-pan that has grill grooves on one side and a flat surface on the other. This is the best way to give your steak grill marks and your eggs proper flips for a hearty breakfast.

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