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Make Cooking Easy with Spoon Rests

Some kitchen tools are truly unsung heroes. Spoon rests are one such tool. Without them, your stovetop and counters become a landscape of little spoon dots, whatever cuisine you're carefully preparing leaving its mark for later clean-up. With the spoon rest, you simply place down your cooking utensil--slatted spoon, spatula, whatever it may be--and continue seasoning, simmering and chopping until you need your spoon again. Such an important function deserves a beautiful design and, with that, the exceptional array of high-design spoon rests at Williams Sonoma are now available for your culinary support and appreciation.

What Are Spoon Rests?

Spoon rests are wonderfully simple. They are, in essence, larger spoons on which you rest a spoon that you're using, so that the spoon in play doesn't mar your stovetop, countertop or cutting surfaces with whatever ingredients you were just stirring.

  • Spoon rests are often shaped exactly like you would expect a spoon to look, only exaggerated. The bowl of the spoon rest is deeper, the walls a bit more sloped and the handle more dramatically curved.
  • The curvature of the handle allows the handle of the spoon you're using to stay elevated for easy reach when it's time to stir, whisk or scrape your pot or pan again.
  • Rests can be made of many different materials, including ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel or copper. Ceramic or porcelain styles may be painted, sculpted to include flourishes or feature other decorative details.

Preparing Complex Meals with Ease

Let the simplicity of a spoon rest get you through those moments when you're literally cooking on all burners. Multi-tasking is so much easier when you have a nearby place to rest your utensils and keep your cook space clean.

  • For meals where it's important to keep certain flavors or dishes separate until serving, you may want to use two utensils for cooking. For instance, you might not want the juice from a cut of meat to change the consistency of mashed potatoes until the plate is in front of you to eat.
  • When making pasta, it's natural to stir the pot every minute or so and turn your attention to a cutting board full of vegetables or a food processor with herbs in it. Keep your spoon nearby and keep boiling water off your counter.
  • Making chili or thickly seasoned pans of rice can involve saturated spices like red pepper or bright yellow saffron. The colors are beautiful as part of the meal, but not as pretty dried onto the surface of a world-class stove.

Browse the artisanal spoon rests available now to see which one of these useful home-keeping tools makes it into your kitchen.

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