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Graters & Zesters

When you need shavings of Parmesan to top a chef salad, shreds of cheddar to make macaroni and cheese or slices of mozzarella for homemade pizza, a cheese grater is one of your go-to kitchen tools. An alternative to a cheese cutter, graters are easy to use and work fast, and they let you make your own freshly grated cheese that tastes delicious. They’re also versatile tools that you can use to shave coconut for a cake topping, grate nutmeg directly into sauce and shred potatoes to turn into potato pancakes or hash browns. Our selection of graters at Williams Sonoma includes an assortment of box and flat graters and zesters that shred, grate and slice cheese, vegetables, nuts and citrus into perfectly sized bits.

Shreds the Way You Like Them

Choose a grater that shreds cheese into the sizes and amounts you need for the dishes you like to make. A box grater is handy when you need to shred large amounts of cheese for lasagna, casseroles or fajitas for a crowd. If you just want to garnish your pasta or soup with a touch of shredded cheese, try a rotary grater that lets you grate a precise amount. Try using a flat grater wide enough to cover a casserole dish when you’re adding cheese in layers or topping a casserole. Look at the size of the grating slots. Use the wide, narrow holes to slice food, medium-sized holes to shred it and small holes to grate hard cheese and zest citrus. Box graters and some flat graters incorporate slots in multiple sizes. This is a convenient option because you don’t have to switch graters while preparing different ingredients.

Ergonomics and Convenience

Find a grater that’s comfortable for you to use and easy to clean. The advantage of a box grater is that it rests on the counter so you use one hand to hold it in place while the other moves the food up and down along the sharp edges along the side. Shredded ingredients stay inside the box until you’re ready to use them. Rotary graters are also easy to use because you just have to turn the handle, but they usually have multiple parts that you have to clean individually. Flat graters with paddle-shaped handles take up less space in the kitchen and are easy to clean. Choose one that comes with a box if you want to use it for shredding more than garnishes. The grater rests on top of the box for support.

Helpful Features and Accessories

Select a grater with features and accessories that simplify the work you do when cooking. If you want to use something smaller than a box grater, look for a smaller version with interchangeable blades. You have the advantage of creating multiple shred sizes without taking up as much storage space. To reduce cleanup, pick up a grater that comes with a storage container. The container collects and holds the shredded food until you’re ready to use it in your recipes. A nonslip coating on the handle or bottom of the grater makes it feel more comfortable in your hand and gives it more stability when you’re using it.

A grater is the tool you need to transform wedges and wheels into a dish’s star ingredient or a flavorful garnish. Choose one from our collection of kitchen tools and start discovering all the ways you can use it in the meals you make every day and for special occasions.

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