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Mandoline Slicers & Spiralizers

Master the easy skill of using the mandoline and you can create endless round slices, julienne cuts, crinkle cuts, cubes, dices and more. Mandolines are available with food pushers that keep your fingers from touching the food or the slicing blades. With an easy back-and-forth gliding motion, you make short work of prepping potatoes, radishes, beets and other produce. Whether you’re creating a nutritious stir-fry or slicing veggies for a sublime gratin, your mandoline helps you prepare your produce exactly the way you like it.


Mandolines can be adjusted from ultrafine to thick for preparing salads, casseroles and garnishes. If you need specialty slicers, we offer you a wide selection of tools, slicers and cutters at Williams-Sonoma to manage everything from ginger root to savory fresh truffles. Our tomato and egg slicers are just a few of the tools we offer that make quick, precise slices without the usual mess.


Mandolines and slicers are indispensable when canning and preserving your garden harvest. Slice and dice large quantities of squash, onions, carrots, apples and cucumbers for pickles, chutneys and relishes. Mandolines are available in standing styles that easily deliver sliced food to a plate or paper below. Box mandolines keep everything contained while you cut. Handheld mandolines let you aim the prepared food over a bowl or pot when cooking stews and soups. We offer mandolines in all ranges so you can try an entry-level tool before you order your favorite professional-style mandolines if you like.


Spiralizers are cooks’ tools that are every bit as versatile as mandolines. With a spiralizer, you prepare healthy foods in curly, long strands that look similar to spaghetti and linguine. In fact, you can use veggies prepared in your spiralizer as healthy, gluten-free substitutes for pasta in many dishes. Mild veggies including yellow squash and zucchini take a fraction of the time to cook that pasta requires, and they taste great with cream-based sauces or marinaras. Spiralizers can be used to make shoestring fries and julienne cuts by laying the strands on a cutting board and chopping to your desired length. Spiralizers are also great for making drink, dessert and main-dish garnishes with citrus and other aromatic, colorful ingredients.


One of the secrets to consistent doneness when frying, roasting, grilling or baking is ensuring the uniform size of the ingredients when you’re at the slicing and cubing stages. Use mandolines and slicers to create meat, fruit and vegetable portions that are even in thickness. If you’re making hors d’oeuvres, use your mandoline to slice and dice veggies that look professionally prepared when assembled on your crackers and other appetizers. Pies, cobblers, and tarts cook evenly when slices are the same size. Your trifles and fruit salads also look pleasing to the eye when pieces are made uniform by your mandolines and slicers.


Food slicers, mandolines and choppers put you in control of your kitchen prep station. Choose handheld or countertop versions of tools to develop your own work area for processing ingredients. Order one of our closed choppers to make cutting onions less of a tear-filled experience, and add our unique bagel cutter to the order to make your mornings easier.


One of the best things about mandolines and slicers is their off-grid functionality. You can use these tools at home, at camp and in the backyard kitchen whether you have power or not. Blades of our mandolines and slicers are made of durable materials including ceramic and stainless-steel for long life and easy care. Get started creating a whole new world of recipes by outfitting your kitchen with your choice of food prep tools including mandolines and slicers. We’re sure you’ll use and enjoy these tools as much as you rely on and adore your favorite kitchen knives.

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