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At Williams-Sonoma, we know how important it is for professional and amateur cooks alike to have tools that are versatile enough to tackle numerous recipes. Our selection of peelers are the pinnacle of useful tools, and you can use them to prepare foods like fruits and vegetables for cooked and baked dishes. Choose from stainless-steel and silicone tools to suit your needs and make sure to select a material that will protect the surface or your pans, particularly if you are using nonstick cookware. Keep everything organized and readily at hand by storing peelers and other cooks tools together in accessible utensil holders that also add style to your countertop.

Peelers are excellent vegetable tools and can help you prepare veggies for casseroles, salads and baked delights. Our peelers are available in a variety of styles including julienne, serrated and swivel peeler types. All of our peelers feature sharp blades typically constructed of stainless-steel. Julienne peelers are great for zesting, adding garnish and for hardier vegetables, such as carrots. Serrated peelers remove the skins off waxy and slippery vegetables while reducing the dangers of slippage easily. Swivel peelers are designed to cut only the peel without digging into the vegetable beneath. If you work with potatoes often, look for a built-in potato eye remover to speed up the process.

Peelers are ideal fruit and citrus tools fruit and citrus tools that allow you to create specialty cocktails with citrus zest or peel fruits quickly to make them easier to eat for the younger members of your family. Use a peeler to remove just the skin on apples to give to toddlers so you don’t have to worry about them choking on the thick apple skins. Look for peelers that feature soft-grip handles that are also nonslip, so you have maximum control even when your hands or fruits are wet.

Peelers can also be used as garlic and herb tools by looking for a stripper and peeler combination. Herb strippers allow you to remove the potent leaves from your favorite ingredients while easily removing the stems from your recipes. Stems can often time taste bitter, so strippers and peelers are a terrific option when working with leafy items like kale and parsley. Just insert the herb stem into the hole root-end first, then pull gently to remove leaves from the stem. You can even use herb strippers to fine-tune garnishes that you will use to adorn plated main courses for fancy get-togethers.

Peelers are versatile kitchen tools that double as baking tools to help you create delightful sweets and savory treats the whole family will adore. If you love baking homemade bread, peelers are useful for adding healthy components without much extra work. Make zucchini bread that features finely shredded zucchini bits by using a fine serrated peeler for thin slices. Use a julienne peeler to cut thin strips of hard vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins, for fall-inspired bread that pair perfectly with a warm cup of coffee or citrus tea.

Use peelers when making pies and tarts to add fresh fruits to your creations. Make a homemade, warm apple pie by first using a peeler to remove the skins for apples that will stay smooth and juicy without losing their crunchy texture. Peelers can also be used to add ginger and root spices to rich, earthy pies and bread for a succulent taste and aromatic flavor. If you require several different types of peelers for your baking needs, opt for a stacking peeler that includes all three blades for an all-in-one peeler that can handle any task. All-in-one peelers easily snap together for organized storage and can be separated with minimal strength when you want to get down to business.

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