Desks & Bookcases

Desks & Bookcases

While there are some standard options that many people use when it comes to furnishing a living room, there really aren’t any rules when it comes to putting together your ideal lounge setup. Williams-Sonoma bookcases and hutches are sensible furniture options for any stylish living room, but you might also want to consider adding a desk into the mix. Whether you work from home or you simply like to have a place to sit and get down to work in your lounge area, a desk can be both stylish and effective when incorporated into a living room arrangement.

You can set your stylish living room desk off to the side of the room or use it behind your sofa as a combination sofa table and writing desk. Desks also make effective media centers, providing a convenient surface to use for displaying a television screen or computer monitor as part of your home entertainment system. You can add lamps and decorative items to complete the setup or place a decorative garden stool or storage basket underneath to make full use of the space. If you choose to use your living room desk as a work surface, consider using an occasional chair rather than a desk chair to continue the lounge furniture theme.

Your living room desk can also provide a large surface to use for decor display. This is a great choice if you have a particularly spacious living room and would like to showcase a collection of artifacts, small sculptures or other treasures. Desks also make fantastic surfaces on which to display a large collection of framed family photos. Seeing all those memories presented en masse helps tell an unforgettable story about the people and events that have brought you to where you are today.

If you’d rather stick with a more conventional approach to your living room furniture, you can use our bookcases to showcase photos, decorative objects and personal libraries. We offer a variety of different shelving styles in different heights and widths so you can choose the option that’s ideally proportioned for your living room. Our shelving units have stylish detailing and functional structure with convenient design features such as drawers and tempered glass shelves to allow you maximum utility and beauty in perfect balance. Use two bookcases on either side of a door, window, sofa or entertainment center area to create symmetry and balance with these upright furniture pieces.

Bookcases and shelving units are important home decor elements to use in creating an authentically personal living space. Use these shelves to display photos, meaningful objects, plants and other elements from your life that you love to keep within view. You can also create a mixed-used bookcase arrangement in which each shelf serves both a practical and a decorative purpose. Create groupings of books arranged by size, subject or color and then leave some open space available on each shelf. You can use decorative bookends to hold the books in place, then fill in the open space on the shelf with decorative objects of different colors, textures, sizes and styles for an eclectic and engaging arrangement.

Both desks and bookcases offer a range of different possibilities for stylish living rooms. Use these pieces to display decorative accents, store useful objects and provide much-needed organizational space in an active home. Whether you use them for purely decorative or purely utilitarian purposes, these furniture pieces carry our signature commitment to excellent design and reliable quality. These pieces are built to last, and you’ll find that they stand the test of time, even as the room around them changes. From polished wood to glimmering metal, the finishes on these desks and bookcases enhance and support whatever decor and furnishings surround them.

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