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From hummus and gazpacho to milkshakes and green smoothies, blenders are great tools for creating a variety of different foods and drinks. Choosing the right blender for you is a matter of figuring out your exact needs and finding the model or ideal size based on how much you plan to cook and where you intend to store your blender. At Williams Sonoma, our selection of blenders includes multiple top-of-the-line brand options and several heavy-duty models to help you through your biggest kitchen tasks. You’re sure to find just the right small appliance for your culinary needs.

Consider Capacity

Pitcher capacity is one of the most important considerations if you plan to make large batches of soups, spreads and drinks with your blender. Some blenders list their capacities in cups, while others use ounces. Remember that 1 cup equals 8 ounces to help put pitcher size in perspective and compare the different models. If you aren’t sure what capacity might be right for you, think about the containers you might use for the foods and drinks you prepare with your blender and how many people you might serve. For example, a standard margarita glass holds about 12 ounces, or a cup and a half. So, you want a pitcher of at least 48 ounces to make blended margaritas for four friends.

Check Out the Overall Size

Don’t forget to consider the overall size of the blender, too, particularly if you have limited kitchen storage or counter space. Think about where you might want to store the blender. Take measurements of the length, height and depth to see how much space you have available. For example, you may need to get a blender that’s 17" tall or shorter if you plan to store it on your countertop underneath cabinets installed at a typical height. However, your cabinets may be differently proportioned. It’s wise to measure and be sure. Use this information to compare the dimension information listed in the product descriptions for the blenders you’re considering.

Focusing on Features and Controls

The features and controls your blender offers are essential for helping you do specific kinds of food-prep tasks. For example, if you plan to make a lot of frozen drinks with blended ice or smoothies using frozen berries, you likely want a blender with an ice-crushing feature. If you want to create whole-fruit juices as smooth as what you get from a cold press juicer, find a model with pre-set buttons that specify juice as a blending option. For a blender that can stand in for a baby food maker, check for a specific puree option to get the proper consistency.


The materials used for the pitcher on your blender are also important to think about. Plastic is lighter and more durable than glass, but it can absorb odors and flavors. You want to clean it carefully and avoid using it for storing food. The construction of your blender is also important for cleaning. A smooth digital control panel without press buttons or moving dials is usually easier to clean, though this design isn’t always as durable as those with buttons and dials.

No matter what foods you currently prepare, don’t forget that a versatile blender can open up new realms of culinary possibility. Your blender could end up being an essential food-preserving tool along with canning jars, or it could be a fun way to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Use our blender comparison tool as you shop to ensure you end up selecting the model with just the right blend of features.

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