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Sparkling Water Machines

The Williams-Sonoma selection of sparkling water machines and supplies provide everything needed for making and storing fresh and wholesome sparkling water. Our sparkling water makers come in a variety of styles, including eco-friendly models that require no extra power, models with LED lights that let users easily check carbonation levels, and even a self-cleaning model that keeps the pump fresh with no extra effort. Replacement bottles, caps, extra CO2 cylinders and beverage refrigerators are also available for enhancing the experience of having fresh carbonated water on hand anytime.

Our sparkling water machines can be used as standalone pieces or can be paired with our other countertop appliances, like our wide selection of blenders, to create an at-home mini bar for preparing mixed drinks or smoothies. Sparkling water prepared ahead of time can be frozen into special ice trays to make bubble filled ice cubes you can drop into a blender to make smoothies, or simply slip into a glass for a fun touch when making mixed drinks. Or, the carbonated water can be prepared right when needed, in order to blend with fresh ingredients, like fruits and juices to make tangy, sparkling drinks.

Replacement CO2 carafes that are made to fit perfectly into our sparkling water makers are available, in case the original one gets broken, or if multiple carafes are needed for big families or events. To turn plain juice into a fizzy and elegant mixed mocktail or cocktail, pour carbonated water from one of our plastic or glass carafes to use as a mixer with pure, homemade juice from one of our electric juicers. Arrange these countertop appliances as part of a mini bar that stays out for convenience, or store them tucked out of sight in a cupboard when not in use if counter space is limited.

Bubbling, fizzy water is one of the key ingredients used in some types of dessert drinks, such as floats, sodas or even some types of milkshakes. Having some of our extra CO2 cylinders on hand ensures the availability of plenty of the fresh, fizzy water for these nose-tingling dessert drinks. One of our electric ice cream makers, paired up with a machine that turns plain tap water into sparkling water, creates an at-home soda stand. This pairing of countertop appliances and wholesome ingredients turns a classic dessert, like fresh, homemade ice cream, into a fun, sparkling dessert drink.

Prepare a healthy breakfast with the help of our breakfast electrics product lineup. Add some fizzy water to eggs instead of plain tap water to give them an extra-light texture. Then, serve the hot meal with a beverage, like fresh juice mixed with carbonated water or a tangy protein drink mixed up with crushed, sparkling ice. Our breakfast electrics include small appliances that sit on the counter, like bread makers, yogurt makers, waffle irons and egg cookers. Finally, add a splash of sparkle to breakfast by pouring sparkling water into juice, or mix it with iced coffee for a chilly, fizzing treat on a hot morning.

Specialty electric cookware, such as griddles, raclette makers, popcorn poppers and pizza makers, are the perfect complements for a sparkling water machine. Display the small appliances on the counter for convenience and ease of use during a get-together, or simply enjoy the ease of grabbing a fresh beverage while cooking a meal. Sparkling water can also sometimes be substituted for plain tap water in a recipe to enhance the texture or flavor of dishes being prepared. Enjoy the ease of turning drinks and main dishes from ordinary offerings into gourmet-style dishes and drinks for the whole family and guests.

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