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Pop Up Some Fun with Popcorn Machines

Almost everyone loves popcorn, so it makes sense to start shopping popcorn machines. Not only do they make excellent, unique gifts, but they also add a sense of unexpected fun to your own home. Make movie night better than ever. Hook up a healthy snack in no time. Get your kids involved in kitchen antics. Getting a popper and popcorn for your family might be one of the greatest decisions you ever make.

What is a Popcorn Machine?

Popcorn machines are countertop appliances used to make fresh popcorn from kernels. These machines have come a long way. Originally, the method to make popcorn was to heat kernels in a pan, shaking the pan over the heat source until the kernels popped.

Now, machines are easy to shop at Williams Sonoma. Most of them are electric, but you can also find hand-crank versions for a throwback feel while creating a classic snack.

Classic and Modern Popcorn Makers

Part of the fun of selecting your popcorn maker is deciding on a retro or modern style.

  • The hand-crank kinds are sometimes called stove-top poppers. These rest on a cooktop burner and the crank stirs a blade inside.
  • These are a good choice for you if you like to add flavor to your popcorn. This style of popper lets you mix seasonings in with the kernels for the most consistent taste. A classic recipe is to add sugar to kernels.
  • The other kind of classic popcorn makers are the ones like what you see at the movies. With a smaller version for your home, all you have to do is plug it in and press a switch. A kettle heats up and popped popcorn overflows into the machine.
  • Microwave poppers are a quick and convenient way to serve up smaller portions. Single-portion popcorn makers often come in chic colors and materials, since they make their way out to the living room or entertainment area after popping.
  • Novelty poppers are a fun touch, too. Look for branded favorites, like a Star Wars version or ones that look just like your favorite theater version with bright red trim.

Upgrade Your Popcorn with Seeds and Seasonings

Most people take their popcorn with salt or a splash of butter, but you have unlimited options for seasoning yours. Try an upscale salt with thick flakes from a pristine bay or lean into seasonings like black pepper, red pepper, garlic or sage.

You can play with your choice of kernels, too. Consider different varietals of corn for gourmet popcorn your whole family will love. There are so many ways to enjoy poppers and popcorn. It's just up to you to discover your favorite.

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