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Get Gourmet Side Dishes to Pair with Your Delectable Main Courses

A beautiful steak, a gorgeous whole chicken or a delightful pasta dish. They're great on their own, but without side dishes, they're just not a meal. Luckily, you can have delicious side dishes without using every burner on your stove.

Keep reading to learn more about our gourmet side dishes and how you can incorporate them into your meals along with your favorite main courses. You can even make a whole dinner out of them by mixing and matching your favorites.

What are Gourmet Side Dishes?

Perfect potatoes, beautiful Brussels sprouts and magnificent mac and cheese are just a few of the side dishes we all know and love. While the sides you serve will depend on your main course, you've got tons of different options when it's time to do your shopping. Here are a few ways to choose side dishes to stock your pantry with tried-and-true classics and soon-to-be favorites.

  • Go for green vegetables. Green vegetables are healthy and pair with tons of dishes from fresh pasta to roast meat. Prepared green veggies won't go bad on you either, so don't feel bad when you need to order a pizza instead of cooking.
  • Try something new! Never had a certain side before? Shop for premade side dishes and get a great version. Then you can try your hand at making your new favorites on your own.
  • Look for side dishes that you can put in the freezer. Pre-cooked sides don't have to be eaten right away if they're freezer-safe. Stock up on your weeknight must-haves so you don't have to tackle tons of cooking when you're tired or too busy.

What Options Do I Have?

Whether you're not in the mood to cook, want to make dinner simpler, or you want new side dishes to go with your recipes, we've got tons of options that fit the bill. Here are a few gourmet side dishes you can add to your pantry:

  • Weeknight favorites. Shop for classics like mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and creamed spinach to do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Holiday and seasonal items. Cranberry sauce, dressing and casseroles are perfect for the holidays and those cold winter nights when you need a little comfort food.
  • Gravy base and relish. Top your meats and sides with easy to make gravy using our jarred gravy base. Pre-made sweet and spicy relish options give you tons of flavors for any dish that strikes your fancy.

Whip up something tasty without breaking a sweat by shopping our gourmet side dishes today. Stock up on your favorites today and try out some new options to expand your palate. You never know what you'll find since our stock rotates throughout the year to meet your seasonal side dish needs.