New Homekeeping Tools

Nothing adds to a home’s beauty like a clean space. From the entryway to the porch – and everywhere in between – a tidy house makes you feel happy, relaxed and ready to take on any challenge. And that’s especially true in the kitchen. An uncluttered countertop makes it easier to focus, and you cook faster. It also makes the whole room brighter and more spacious. At Williams-Sonoma, we know how important cleaning is. But we also understand that it’s a challenge with today’s hectic pace – especially if you also work outside the home or take care of loved ones. That’s why we continuously innovate to bring you tools that help you save time and achieve amazing results. Take a look at our exciting homekeeping arrivals to see what helpful goodies can make life in your kitchen easier.

Hand-care products and aromatic soaps add elegance and comfort to the kitchen or bath. Chances are you end up washing your hands continuously while you’re cooking. And that’s a good thing; it’s important to keep your hands clean after handling proteins or cleaning up accidental spills. If you have kids, attending to unexpected interruptions means – you guessed it – washing your hands again. All of that water can have a negative effect on your skin, drying it out and sometimes causing painful cracks. But don’t worry! We have everything you need to take good care of your hands. First, cut off dryness at the source. Our moisturizing hand soaps contain natural oils and essences that protect and hydrate your skin every time you wash. After cooking or cleaning, apply soothing hand lotion with shea butter for an extra layer of softness. Toss in a gentle massage, close your eyes and let the day’s stresses just melt away.

Whether you’re into aromatherapy or just want to have pleasant fragrances throughout the home, the exquisite scents of our aromatic candles and essential oil hand products are made to delight. They’re balanced – intense but not overwhelming – and they’re great at creating moods. Looking for something playful and vibrant for the kitchen? Citrus aromas start your day off with a pop in your step. Want to have a touch of romance instead? Go with notes of cinnamon, spices, berries or cedar. For something exotic that gets you thinking outside the box, try ginger and lemongrass. And, of course, we have floral essences with a twist; they’re made with premium extracts from France and around the world. All of our aromas come from natural sources such as botanical oils and plant extracts. Choose scents that reflect your personality.

One of the biggest ways to keep your home looking fresh and clean is to have everything neatly organized. Instead of spending tons of time picking up before dinner, it’s easier to have a spot for things beforehand. That way, everyone in the house knows where to put dishes and cooking tools when they come out of the dishwasher. Countertop utensil holders keep slotted spoons and spatulas close by. Spice racks make it easy to find exactly what you need when you’re cooking.

Every kitchen needs towels, both for drying off your hands and wiping up spills quickly. Our linens are absorbent and soft. They get the job done while also treating your hands to comfort, but that’s only half of the story. We want your kitchen to come alive with color too. Use vibrant towels that fit your design vision. Bold blues, greens and reds are just some of the possibilities.

One area of the kitchen – well, the whole house really – that needs extra love is the floor. Dust, dirt, fallen pieces of food and oils find their way into your space. The problem is that, during that time, family and visitors walk through the area, grinding dirt into the floor and wearing it down. To keep your surfaces shiny and beautiful, you need a couple of things: a rug or mat to trap soil before it enters the house, and cleaning supplies like brooms and mops for daily cleaning.

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