Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are among the most versatile lighting systems you can have in your home. With floor lamps, you can use a particular piece to serve as reading or task light or create ambient or accent lighting to help set the theme and mood in a room. The design of the floor lamp itself may already serve a decorative function even if you haven’t turned on its light. Because you can easily move floor lamps around, you can also change the mood and look of the room in an instant, something that fixed decorative lighting such as sconces can’t always do. Williams-Sonoma has a wide range of floor lamps in various designs, types, functions and materials to make your home even more beautiful and bright.

With such diverse floor lamp offerings, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste and complements the decor in the room where you plan to set it up. The key to finding the right floor lamp for your needs is to make a few important considerations as you’re starting and performing your search. Among the things that you should consider include the purpose of the floor lamp, its height, primary materials, type and design. Thinking about all these factors can help you best determine how and where you want to use your lamp.

Determining the main purpose of the floor lamp that you want can help you narrow down your choices to a more manageable range. Ask yourself whether you want the lamp to light up a specific spot, such as a favorite reading chair, or if you want it to light up an entire corner of a room. If you want the lamp to serve as a decorative piece of furniture, whether or not the light is on (such as with pendant lights and chandeliers) then the floor lamp may also serve multiple purposes, making it a very useful addition to the room.

Once you’ve decided on its primary purpose, another consideration to think about is the height of the floor lamp. You’ll want to think about how it will it blend well in comparison to the height of the ceiling in the room, and you can also take into account whether or not its height will complement existing lighting in the room, such as a chandelier or a table lamp sitting next to your sofa. Deciding on the height of the floor lamp also influences your choice for design and the intensity of the light bulb that you’ll install in it.

Floor lamps come in a variety of materials, with wood available in classic and vintage designs. Metal is more common in modern and contemporary styles. Metals are also available in a variety of finishes, including silver, bronze, brass, nickel, chrome and steel, to suit any type of look you’re going for. Your choice when it comes to material in floor lamps should fit in well with the existing scheme of the room where the lamp will go – unless you have plans to change the design scheme of the room. In that case, anything goes! One quick trick to deciding on the material is to take a look at the finish of the floor lamp. You might want to make your selection by choosing something that matches some pieces that are already in the room. At the end of the day, however, it’s still best to trust what your taste dictates in terms of the primary lamp material.

After deciding on the purpose, height and material or the floor lamp, it’s easy for you to pick a style for your floor lamp. Make your selection from traditional styles, torchiere lamps, tree floor lamps and arc floor lamps. Just like traditional table lamps, traditional floor lamps often have shades. Changing the shades on these lamps allows you to make subtle changes on the lighting effects as well. Torchiere lamps work well for accent lighting, while tree lamps help with the ambient lighting because some designs allow you to change the direction that the bulbs face. Arc floor lamps work well as reading and task lights. Remember to choose a type that also blends with the existing decor.