Graduation Gift Ideas

When there's a graduation to celebrate, finding the perfect gift is a chance to honor your friend or family member for all their hard work. Start racking up the graduation gift ideas before the big event, so that you can join in the accolades.

What Are Graduation Gift Ideas?

Graduation gift ideas can range from large to small, depending on how well you know the grad. Most grads appreciate thoughtfully selected housewares, gourmet food gifts or specialty gift sets.

  • This is a major special occasion for many who have worked hard the past few years. Feel free to splurge a little bit on a graduation gift. Even for the highly educated, it's an occasion that only happens rarely.
  • Combine gifts by choosing a big gift and pairing it with smaller gifts to make your own unique present. A small appliance and cooks tools or an espresso machine and cups shows care and recognition.
  • If you're graduating too and are sharing a celebration with friends, choose gifts that remind them of your time together. Monogrammed gifts for everyone in your friend group is a great way to customize a gift you get for the whole circle.

Starter Sets Get Grads Going

For younger graduates who might be getting into their first job and home soon, a starter set is the perfect way to help them feel prepared for their new life.

  • Starter sets are big sets to stock a kitchen.
  • Most include all the essentials, like plates, bowls, utensils, glasses, mugs and cutlery. Other sets might include bakeware.
  • You can also find a set that focuses on just cook's tools or other specialty sets.

Specialty Housewares Commemorate Milestones

People who are graduating from advanced schools or re-certifying with stronger skills in a long-held field might already have their home set up. For these grads, gift them something unique they might not buy themselves.

  • Look at Williams Sonoma's Gift of The Day to discover incredible values on coveted housewares and small appliances.
  • For more recommendations, look at Celebrity Wish Lists to see what's hot in the world of housewares right now. These trendy gifts speak to a moment in time, yet are also long-lasting.
  • Specialty cookware is an incredible gift, too. Shop beloved brands like Le Creuset or All-Clad to commemorate the milestone.

Exciting accomplishments call for exciting gifts. This is the time to go all out and get something special.

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