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Serve and enjoy gourmet-quality seafood dishes and caviar at your next indoor or outdoor gathering with upscale selections we have available at Williams-Sonoma. Choose from culinary favorites and appetizer creations that transform your party from so-so to so amazing. Instead of shopping for groceries, chopping ingredients and spending hours in the kitchen, you take your dishes out of the freezer and thaw or cook according to the included directions. There’s never any worry that the dishes won’t be up to par because all of our ready-made seafood is chef-created and prepared with quality ingredients.

Prepared seafood dishes include casseroles, puff pastry dishes and ramekin sides that go well with herbs and vegetables from the garden and fresh loaves of artisan bread. If you need hors d’oeuvres, our seafood collection has you covered with crab cakes, sliders and pinwheels that look great on the plate and melt in your mouth. Order a smoked salmon filet from Scotland or the United States to create your own appetizers on crackers and bread. For example, you and your guests can indulge in wild-caught Maine lobster tails that are flash-frozen and sent to your door for a succulent feast. Prepared seafood dishes are a reliable catering solution for small weddings, bar mitzvahs, brunches and other special occasions when you want a memorable meal without a mountain of effort.

Many of the seafood selections include the baking dish or porcelain ramekins you need to heat and serve the dishes. You get the bonus of having extra bakeware when the party ends. If you bring the seafood dishes along to a party or potluck, you can leave the bakeware as a thoughtful gift for the host or hostess. Orders of lobster specialty dishes are shipped with two to eight portions that serve one person apiece while casseroles serve four to six guests. Rolled and shaped seafood in puff pastry and other breading will serve up to 12 guests at a buffet or banquet.

Fill serving platters with dishes that look as good as they taste, then garnish with lemon slices and sprigs of dill and lemongrass. If you’ve been craving live lobster, we’ll ship you out fresh-caught, sustainably harvested lobsters with all of the handling and cooking instructions you need to make a special meal included. No matter where you live, you can now enjoy a fresh seafood feast as if you live right on the seashore.

Order seafood tools including a lobster mallet and picks to get every last bit of creamy flesh from your Maine lobsters. Equip your kitchen with an adequate filet knife for slicing thin strips of salmon. For the baked dishes in our seafood collection, you need potholders to transfer the hot bakeware. Seafood in puff pastry requires a serving knife designed for pies and cakes, which allows you to carefully portion out the dishes gracefully for an inviting display and practical service. Seafood sides and casseroles may be plated and served directly to guests for a sit-down meal. For a buffet-type banquet, allow your guests to serve themselves with a decorative serving spoon from our collection.

Stock up on caviar from a variety of sources for your next wine and cocktail event. Caviar is beloved by many for its fresh, buttery tang. Order one variety of caviar or a set of caviar varieties to provide interesting subtle tastes and textures to your guests. Offer chilled caviar as a spread for crackers, blini, mini-toasts and vegetable slices to give a luxurious complement to spirits and champagne selections. Some kits include mother-of-pearl serving spoons that keep the delicate flavors and aromas of the caviar varieties intact. Our seafood selections are a busy person’s answer to providing meals for holiday and religious feasts that require the serving of seafood dishes. Combine appetizers, caviar, sides and main dishes from our seafood collection to host the easiest, tastiest dinner party ever.