Whether you drink it in the morning as an alternative to coffee or you enjoy a nice hot cup whenever the mood strikes, tea can be an important component in a good day. Williams-Sonoma offers a variety of fine tea made by legendary teamakers such as Fortnum & Mason, allowing you access to some of the highest-quality, best-tasting tea varieties and blends in the world. From no-nonsense black teas to flavored green and herbal blends, our tea selection lets you explore a whole new tea-drinking experience with beautifully packaged options from some of the world’s finest tea makers. Experiment with new varieties and stock up on classic favorites with our tea selections.

If you’re a tea aficionado, you may be particularly interested in our selection of Fortnum & Mason teas. Fortnum & Mason has been the tea supplier of choice for the British royal family for hundreds of years. Several of this company’s teas reflect its royally revered status, including the Queen Anne blend, named for the reigning monarch at the time of Fortnum & Mason’s founding in the 18th century. These teas arrive beautifully packaged in decorative airtight tins that you may want to repurpose once you’re done drinking all of the loose-leaf tea contents inside.

Our selection of tea also includes blends of black tea that are suitable for drinking at different times of day based on how much caffeine they contain when properly brewed. If you like having a strong cup of black tea in the morning, a breakfast blend will suit you well. If you enjoy black tea and a little snack of a cookie or slice of cake after lunch, an afternoon blend gives you just the right amount of energy to take on the rest of your day. For those times when you’d rather avoid caffeine, green tea and herbal blends give you something warm and delicious to sip on without delivering a strong jolt of energy.

Different tea varieties have different flavors and colors and provide different levels of caffeine, and they also have different brewing requirements. To really present these fine teas at their best, you may want to invest in an electric tea kettle with fine-tuned temperature controls that allow you to dial in the exact degree of warmth your chosen tea variety requires. Black tea, for example, brews best at a hotter temperature than green tea does, so make sure you’re adding these gorgeously flavored teas to the right water warmth to ensure your finished brew has the best-possible flavor.

Other tea tools you may find helpful include small tea tools such as strainers and infusers. Many fine tea makers sell their teas as loose-leaf blends, meaning they do not frequently come with the fine mesh bags that many tea drinkers are familiar with. Small tea tools allow you to brew a lovely pot of loose-leaf tea without getting any tea leaves in your cup. Tea infusers are typically sufficient for this, but if you prefer to use a large teapot or want to be completely sure your cup is free from leaf detritus, a strainer may be called for as well.

When paired with a beautiful teapot, some tea tools and a lovely set of teacups, our fine teas make an excellent gift for anyone in your life who enjoys a warm brew. We offer some special occasion teas that have features such as floral scents and colors for Mother’s Day. These tea blends may even include some dried flowers in the tin along with the tea itself to lend a luxurious visual experience to the drink along with its beautiful scent and flavor.