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Coffee is one of the most loved beverages consumed in all parts of the world, in one form or another, and we have a fine selection of international brews for you to choose from. Do you always go for a cuppa when you want to stay up at night? Or drink coffee early in the morning to wake you up? At Williams-Sonoma, you can enjoy different coffees, including dark espresso roast and medium roast. We have fresh coffee beans so you can grind them yourself for truly freshly ground coffee, as well as fine and medium grind for added convenience. And just in case you’re are a tea person, our collection of teas is bound to have some of your favorites, too.

Trace the history of coffee and you will realize that it goes back to the 10th Century. Although it is thought to have originated in Ethiopia, the first evidence of coffee drinking was found in the Sufi monasteries in Yemen during the 15th Century. Today, this beverage is one of the most consumed products in the world. Whether you have a habit of drinking at least one cup of coffee every day or you actually count on it for energy, we offer you a wide range of coffee, right from the pour over ones to the ones that you brew in a French press. With our collection of coffee machines, you can enjoy a freshly brewed mug of coffee first thing in the morning or any time you like.

With a wide variety of coffee beans and machines, brewing coffee has become somewhat of an art today. Want your coffee to serve as a morning wakeup call? Then throw some coffee grounds in a French press, and let it steep for around five minutes. Whenever you are ready, just push down the strainer and enjoy a cup of coffee that is freshly brewed. Remember, the longer you steep the coffee grounds, the higher the content of caffeine. Pick one of our packets of coffee beans and brew it with ease in a French press. For a nice snack on the side, our assortment of cookies are the perfect accompaniments for our coffee collection.

If you live with coffee lovers, the best brewing method for you is the standard drip method. This is one of the most popular methods because it is easy as well as fast. All you need to do is add coffee grinds and water, the coffee machine does the rest of the job for you. You can also select a coffee machine with a timer so that when you wake up in the morning, you will have a pot of fresh coffee waiting for you. Brew one of our signature collection coffees for a truly luxurious experience. If you want to decorate your kitchen with an eclectic mix of coffee mugs, have a look at our collection – you will definitely find a few that you like.

If you are a true coffee connoisseur, then you will fall in love with our coffee products. One of our collections offers you three packets of whole beans, each one from the major coffee growing regions in the world – Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Our coffee gift crate is the perfect gift for any occasion for all coffee lovers. For a change of pace from consuming black coffee, add a tablespoon of our hot chocolate powder to your coffee, and enjoy a homemade mocha.

Love the taste of coffee and drink it every evening? Pair it with our cakes and indulge your sweet tooth. After all, is there any better way to enjoy your evening cuppa than with a slice of lemon poppy seed cake or chocolate cheesecake?