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Kitchen Tool Sets

Setting up a household means investing in beautiful dinner sets and quality kitchen tools that you’ll be able to enjoy for a lifetime. If you’re setting up your home or helping to set up someone else’s kitchen, you’ll be happy to hear that we at Williams Sonoma have kitchen tool sets containing our top-quality pieces that make perfect starter sets, registry gifts and housewarming presents. Let us give you a tour of what’s in our kitchen tool kits and why our stainless-steel and silicone items are crafted for long-lasting performance.

What’s in a Tool Set?

Larger tool sets have around 10 to 21 pieces or more, including all the essentials like cooking spoons, spatulas and turners, plus a can opener, kitchen shears, measuring cups and spoons, a peeler and pizza wheel. Smaller tool sets include anywhere from three, five and eight essential pieces to comfortably get you started in your kitchen. A five-piece tool set might include a spatula, spoon, slotted turner, ladle and counter container to hold them. A slightly larger set might include a pair of tongs and another slotted item, for example. You’ll want to have some silicone coated tools in your repertoire because they’re ideal for scraping out ingredients without scratching your plates, pots, pans or the interior of your invaluable food choppers.

What’s in a Barbeque Tool Set?

Barbeques call for professional quality grilling tools that generally have extra long handles and wider heads than regular kitchen tools to keep the grill master safely away from the heat and to make it easier to flip foods on the grill. A kit might include scalloped-edge tongs for gripping, slotted spatulas to drain the grease when turning, a fork with long tines for piercing and turning and a basting brush all packed in a heavy-duty storage case to last for seasons to come. Basting brushes come in two styles. Some have silicone bristles that are easy to clean, while others have durable natural boar bristles that hold sauce and marinades well and won’t shed while you’re grilling.

What’s in a Pastry Tool Set?

It pays to have a specialty pastry tool set when baking because the tools create specific effects. A pastry tool set might include icing spatulas, a pastry brush, a fluted pastry cutter and a bench scraper. Here’s what each one can do:

Icing spatulas: Icing spatulas have long and slender blades that easily flex to give you better control when icing cakes, smoothing batter or spreading fillings.

Pastry brush: Pastry brushes, much like basting brushes, come with easy-to-clean silicone or natural bristles that hold egg washes, glazes and melted butter well during application. Buy a top quality pastry brush so the bristles don’t shed while baking or cooking.

Fluted pastry cutter: A cutter with a rotary blade cuts sweet and savory doughs to have a decorative fluted edge, perfect for pies.

Bench scraper: It’s a tool named for how it cleans work surfaces full of dough, but this multitasking tool also cuts and lifts doughs.

What’s in a Junior Tool Set?

Start them young with a utensil set for budding young chefs. Junior kitchen tool kits include a variety of items, from spoons to peelers and cookbooks to aprons, depending on the package or licensed character set. Help younger chefs learn how to make pancakes with a pancake package that includes mix, silicone tuner and a pancake press.

In addition to full tool sets, smaller sets of specialty tools can complete your fully stocked kitchen. Enlarge a gourmet kitchen with sets that include a trio of serving spoons or twin ladles, icing spatula sets, deep spoon sets, wood spoon sets, wok tool sets and silicone spatula sets to mix and match with your existing essentials.

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