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New Cookware

What could be better than choosing new cookware sets for your kitchen? You’ll be delighted at the versatile and stylish new cookware sets available at Williams-Sonoma. Stainless-steel cookware sets are an easy choice, and these pieces will stay with you for years, performing at top quality standards. Stainless-steel can be a cook’s best friend because it delivers exceptional cooking results and cleans up easily. A cook collecting copper pieces could opt for a copper cookware set. The polished surfaces of these pieces will remain brilliant, even with daily use. And those who prefer nonstick surfaces will find plenty of options for fry pans, sauce pans and chef’s pans.

There’s something to be said for European cookware. Offering the best of European designs, these new cookware sets are both distinctive and functional. Staub cookware originates in France and features a strong combination of cast iron and enamel coatings. Imagine a cast-iron French oven, designed to enable stirring, simmering and serving in the same vessel. You won’t be disappointed with the line of Le Crueset cookware in your kitchen either. Also originating in France, Le Crueset features strong cast iron construction. There’s never any seasoning necessary for these cast iron pieces, and you can even wash them in the dishwasher.

When baking foods in the oven, a set of quality ovenware ensures stellar results. A full line of baker pans gives you a shape and size for every culinary creation. Choose from rectangular bakers with and without lids, square pans, oval pans and even a distinct apple-shaped tarte pan. From nonstick pans that give you fast and flawless release to stoneware to stainless-steel, you will find ovenware to meet your every need. Stainless-steel is an excellent choice thanks to its aluminum core and easy cleaning surface. You can even round out a cast iron or copper collection by adding new ovenware pieces to match.

Explore many different specialty cookware pieces. Suddenly, making perfect omelets is a breeze when you have a rolled omelet pan in your kitchen. Not only will the nonstick surface ensure easy release, but a center divider also makes it a simple task to add ingredients and roll up the omelet. Serve the gang waffle pancakes with a waffle pancake pan designed for the cooktop. This pan enables you to turn out distinctive pancakes with a waffle texture. A wedge pan is your go-to implement for making scones or any other baked goodies divided into enticing wedges.

Don’t forget outdoor cooking as you add new cookware to your arsenal. Outdoor cookware makes you the master of the grill, thanks to these innovative pieces. Imagine a chef’s pan designed for the searing heat of the open flame. The special perforations give your food just the right amount of contact with the heat to ensure full-bodied flavor. A nonstick griddle is another innovative cooking piece, especially designed for use on a grill. You’ll enjoy the infusion of smoky flavors, thanks to the perforated cooking surface of the griddle. A ceramic grilling pan gives you virtually limitless options for cooking and searing meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables on the grill.

As you add new cookware to your kitchen, you may also need to add pot racks for additional storage. A distinctive pot rack hanging from the ceiling gives you easy access to the cookware pieces you need, while also freeing cabinets and counters for other essentials. You’ll find a design to fit your kitchen, with both standard and low-ceiling options available. Free-standing racks are another storage option, fitting easily into a corner to hold your pots and pans. As you explore new cookware options, you can anticipate a variety of new culinary creations with your new tools.

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