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Stainless-Steel Cookware

Quality cookware is a kitchen mainstay that can prepare countless delicious meals for many years to come. Stainless-steel cookware is a durable, versatile option that works well in almost any kitchen. Williams-Sonoma offers a vast selection of stainless-steel cookware, letting you stock up your kitchen with supplies to prepare a variety of different dishes. Choose from sets and single pieces from brands such as All-Clad, Ruffoni, Cuisinart and our signature label.

Stainless-steel is an excellent cookware material. It is hard and heavy duty, so it does not scratch easily. You can use metal cooking utensils and the material is dishwasher-safe, which makes it easy to use and maintain. Because the material is fairly scratch-resistant, your stainless-steel cookware can maintain its luster for many years to come. The material is stain-resistant, and foods wipe away from the smooth surfaces of stainless-steel pots and pans easily. It does not react to certain types of food, which means that you can use it to prepare anything from spinach to home cooked salsa.

When purchasing stainless-steel cookware, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many manufacturers produce items from pure stainless-steel. These items are usually versatile and easy to care for, which makes them good additions to your kitchen. Some items include aluminum or copper cores, which help the cookware heat up quickly and distribute heat more evenly. These items offer many of the cooking benefits of aluminum or copper cookware while maintaining the durability of stainless-steel. Some manufacturers also offer stainless-steel cookware with nonstick coating in the interior. This makes a good option for frying, browning and sautéing, as you can reduce the amount of frying oil in your recipes.

Because stainless-steel is such a versatile material, manufacturers can use it to create a wide variety of different cookware items. It makes excellent stock pots, cooking pots, steamers, double boilers and saucepans, and you can find these in many different sizes and styles. It is also an appropriate material for producing frying pans, sauté pans, skillets and Dutch ovens. If you like to prepare plenty of specialty dishes, keep your eyes open for omelet pans, crepe pans, roasters, deep fryers and woks. If you are outfitting your kitchen from scratch, many manufacturers offer cookware in sets, letting you pick up several matching pots and pans in a single purchase.

Cooking with stainless-steel cookware is very easy. You can use a wide variety of oils, vinegars and juices without worrying that the acid will react adversely to the material. If your cookware contains an aluminum or copper core, be sure to heed the manufacturerʼs usage instructions, as overheating may cause these to melt. Although you can use metal utensils in cookware with stainless-steel interiors, stick to wooden and synthetic utensils if your pan has a nonstick coating.

One of the major benefits of stainless-steel is the fact that it is easy to maintain. Many pieces can go in the dishwasher, and you can use pot scrubbers if need be. If food stick to the interior, a good soak in soapy water can help remove them. A stainless-steel cleaner can restore the shine to cookware that has seen heavy use. If your cookware includes a nonstick interior, you may want to wash it by hand. To maintain the nonstick coating, use a scrubber or brush designed for nonstick coatings and some gentle dish soap and wash the item in warm water.

Several accessories come in handy for using stainless-steel pots and pans. The handles and lids of some items may get hot during use, so potholders and oven mitts are essential items. If you want to use your cookware to serve dishes, place a heat-safe trivet or placemat on the table, as the heat from the pot may damage the surface.

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