Gifts for Coffee Lovers & Coffee Gift Ideas

Almost everyone loves coffee, but some people have a special relationship with the warm, caffeinated drink. They live for coffee, want to try all the different ways of brewing it and will always be excited about a new brew, machine, device or accessory.

What Are Coffee Gift Ideas?

Coffee gift ideas range from the simple and appreciative -- mugs or syrups -- to the incredible (think fully programmable, countertop coffee makers and machines.

The coffee lover in your life probably has a variety of cool gadgets and machines already. Finding the right gift for them is a matter of knowing what they have and don't have. If you're not sure, ask or peek around their desk, kitchen or dining room.

Thank You's, Coworker Gifts and Small Tokens

Coffee gifts are an easy go-to when you're shopping for something small to show your gratitude. Whether it's a coworker who did you a big favor, the babysitter who always helps out in a pinch or a girlfriend who deserves a just-because gift, these tokens make others feel happy and appreciated.

  • Upscale coffee is a special treat for aficionados. Find a new origin, blend or boutique brand for them to try.
  • Flavored coffee syrups make traditional coffee taste like a coffeehouse drink. A few pumps or a teaspoon enhance the flavor they already love.
  • Mugs are always an appropriate gift for everyone. Add them on as bonus gifts to a larger present or wrap an elegant one on its own.
  • Double-wall mugs are specialty mugs that have a second wall around the cup. This design is popular with people who love glass mugs for their ability to keep coffee warm longer.

Special Occasion Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For a more special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or housewarming, select a bigger gift.

  • French presses are a classic way to encourage your friend to get into customized coffee cups. These beakers have plungers that tamp down coffee to extract the goodness for a flavorful cup every time.
  • Pour-over coffee makers let coffee lovers enjoy the exquisite art of highly personalized coffee. These single-cup coffee brewers take up just a little counter space and engage your friend in a lovely coffee ritual.
  • Grinders are a must for the coffee lover. Burr grinders won't warm up beans, so they retain flavor for brewing. If your friend gets into presses or pour-overs, a grinder is a necessary accessory for the process.
  • For weddings or other rare occasions, invest in an espresso machine or a programmable coffee maker with timing and strength settings.

Don't forget to pick something up for yourself while grabbing your coffee gifts. With so many great ideas, it's easy to add something into your order just for you, too.

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