Gifts for Wine Lovers of All Types

Sharing with friends and loved ones is a major part of the appeal of wine. When gift-giving occasions arise, start with gifts of wine, accessories or both for a special gift set. Recent introductions of exciting oenological tech -- from high-end preservation systems to the perfect travel bottle -- make it fun and easy to shop gifts for wine lovers.

What Are Gifts for Wine Lovers?

The gifts you could get for your favorite wine lover are plentiful. First things first -- pick out a bottle you'd love to drink together. Bring it with you when you present your other gifts. The evening's enjoyment is bound to include the bottle you brought.

  • A gift set for a wine lover might include basic bar tools to go with a bottle.
  • Most wine aficionados can't get enough stemware. Keep your gift modern with stemless glasses, instead.
  • For a friend who's always entertaining, select gifts that make tastings or wine at dinner parties easy to serve and enjoy. Think of aerators, table servers or wine chillers.

Red, White and Mixed Wine Glass Sets

If you're looking at stemware, consider your friend's devotion to different wines to make the best decision.

  • For friends or family who are just starting to expand their passion for great wines, a basic set of glasses is always appreciated. Pick up a set of four or six red or white glasses.
  • If you've been wine tasting together for a while, think about the wines he or she loves best. Choose a set of glasses made for a specific varietal -- say, Pinot Noir glasses or Champagne flutes.
  • There are no hard and fast rules as to which combination of glasses you might give as a gift. You can also pair up a gorgeous set of Bordeaux glasses with a wide-based decanter to enjoy the full-bodied red.
  • Check out wine canteens and insulated stemless wine cups for your friends on the go.

Selecting The Perfect Wine Accessories

There are some incredible wine accessories out now at Williams Sonoma.

  • If you know your recipient doesn't need more wine glasses, you can still add to their glass collection with decanters.
  • Decanters come in different shapes and sizes. Lighter wines go into smaller decanters. Richer wines go into wider, bigger decanters.
  • Just as you might have considered your friend's preferences in wine glasses, the decanter you choose should be a good fit for their tastes, too.
  • For those who love all wine equally, look at wine preservation systems. These gadgets include needles that allow you to pour and seal the cork without oxidizing the wine. It's a great way to taste a mouthful or enjoy a glass while saving the rest of the bottle for later.
  • Corkscrews come in every finish, inlay and design you can imagine. Everyone loves a collection of corkscrews.

Once you start looking at wine gifts, don't be surprised if you want all of them for yourself, too.

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