Find Foodie Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Everybody has at least one friend or family member that's a food connoisseur. Ideal for cheese fanatics, masters of the grill and daring dinner party hosts, we've got great gifts that are going to bring a huge smile to every foodie's face.

Use this guide to find foodie gift ideas that the food lover in your life will adore.

What are Foodie Gift Ideas?

Which friend or family member calls you up on the phone or shows up to a dinner party or get-together excited to talk about the new restaurant, charcuterie brand or cheese maker they just found? That person - and you may know more than one - is the foodie in your life. Gifts for these food-loving individuals might seem easy, but most foodies have discerning tastes. Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a foodie:

  • Unique products you can't find everywhere. Grocery store goodies may not be good enough to impress a die-hard foodie.
  • Limited-edition or special items that only come around once in a while. Imported and hard-to-find ingredients also fit the bill.
  • Expensive items that even food lovers may not buy for themselves. Sometimes a single food item like specialty olive oil can seem costly when shopping for the pantry, but when you're buying a gift, those items are actually pretty budget-friendly.

What Food Gifts Can I Buy?

The holiday season is a great time to find food-related gifts since everybody is shopping for their table. Here are a few foodie gift ideas you can shop for to impress the food fanatic on your list.

  • Specialty olive oil and vinegar sets. Perfect for serving or cooking, fine olive oil and vinegar sets are every cook and food lover's dream gift.
  • Dried seasonings for cooking. You can also find specialty seasonings made for snacks like popcorn and nuts.
  • Snack sets. Heirloom corn varieties designed for popping, holiday nuts and more make a great gift for foodies that enjoy a good snack once in a while.
  • Salts and salt sets. A huge range of varieties will let your food-loving friend or family member put the perfect touch on any dish they cook.
  • Prepared food items like sauces, croissants and pasta. Just because they love food doesn't mean they want to cook every day!
  • Chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate, but many foodies are wild about special dark varieties, truffles and chocolate-based confections. Shop for gift sets that won't make it past New Year's Eve.

Get a gift that every foodie on your holiday list will love by shopping items like olive oil and vinegar, prepared food items and more. You can also find table linens, plates and flatware to help the foodie you're buying for make the most of their favorite ingredients.

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