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Storage Baskets & Cases

At Williams-Sonoma, we know you work hard. You may have to deal with the stress of a job, take care of little ones, clean the house and cook on top of it all. We want to help you feel relaxed and happy when you get home and be able to finish your tasks as quickly as possible. That way, you have time to enjoy a movie with friends or family or enjoy a soothing bath with aromatic candles. One great way to work faster is to keep things organized. But because modern homes tend to have a lot of things – many of them frustratingly small and easy to lose – that’s easier said than done. Storage baskets and cases are a big help, which is why Williams-Sonoma has high-quality containers that last a long time. Versatile sizes fit the storage needs of different rooms, from the kitchen and dining room to your bedroom or bath. With so many sizes and designs available, it’s easy to put our baskets to work for you.

Cut down on kitchen clutter. Of all the surfaces that need to be spotless, this is probably the most important, and not just for healthy cooking. Making meals usually involves a lot of ingredients that you need to slice, chop, grate and peel. That means a large cutting board and open space for your prepping. A bright and open countertop lets you cook with less stress and a positive attitude. That’s where baskets come in. Essential kitchen items like towels, potholders and oven mitts all fit neatly into a single container, ready to go. Another way to organize is to grab all of your coffee accessories – filters, grinds, sweetener and creamer – and put them in a small basket next to your coffee maker or espresso machine.

Protect your glasses. If you have a special set of wine glasses that are only for elegant occasions with company, it can be a challenge to know where to put them in the meantime. Our stemware storage cases provide the solution. They’re sized just right for any kind of wine glasses, and can hold a full dozen. On the outside, thick padding protects the whole set from accidental bumps. Inside, individual dividers keep each glass safe and sound in its own compartment. Another plus of storing glasses in an enclosed container is that you don’t have to worry about dusting them off before use. That way, all you have to worry about at parties is uncorking the wine. Our wine tools help you with that too.

Keep spare dinnerware out of sight but close by. Many people have several sets of dinnerware. One might be something you use for everyday meals, while another is for special occasions. Extra sets let you add a little emotion and excitement to your dining room from time to time, or adapt to the change in seasons. But not everyone has enough space for a large glass hutch to keep so many dishes spread out. With our china storage cases, your creativity can run free. Each case is fitted to the size of individual pieces – including bowls, platters, dinner plates, salad plates and more – for maximum protection. Inside, dividers keep the surfaces of your dinnerware safely separated and cushioned. You can even stack these cases to take advantage of the space in your kitchen or dining room shelves and cabinets.

Add to your home’s decor. The whole purpose of having baskets and storage pieces around is to make rooms look great, and that’s why our containers are never just about functionality. We design them to shine wherever you use them. Woven baskets in golden rattan, seagrass and other materials make any room seem brighter. They add a laid-back flair to the space that’s perfect for relaxing with friends and family. Other storage pieces come in chic colors that combine well with your home’s wall colors. One way to make room and elevate your kitchen’s decor to the next level is with a pot rack. Copper or stainless-steel cookware looks great hanging above a kitchen island.

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