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Home and Kitchen Candles

A lovely-scented home creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that your guests are sure to appreciate. Start by creating a fresh kitchen, then work your way through to the less-busy rooms. Candles and room fragrance items from Williams Sonoma not only add lovely aromas to your home but are also gorgeous decorative accessories for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other living spaces. These fragrance essentials are available in a variety of natural scents and calming colors to perfectly enhance any home decor.

Candles and Room Fragrance

There are four main types of household fragrance options: candles, diffusers, potpourri and room sprays. Each type is available in a variety of scents, including some holiday scents like mulled cider and winterberry.

  • Candles are wax lights which, when lit, cast a flickering amber glow and fill the room with a delightful aroma. Filled pillar candles come in simple glass candle holders.
  • Basic diffusers consist of a small container to be filled with essential oil and rattan sticks. The sticks absorb the oil, drawing the scent up and diffusing it into the air.
  • Luxury diffusers use decorative items like porcelain flowers instead of rattan sticks to release scents into the air.
  • Potpourri is made up of small botanical items, like flower petals, berries and moss, which have been spritzed by fragrant essential oils. This mix of sweet-smelling botanicals with their different sizes, textures and colors looks lovely on display in a decorative bowl.
  • Room sprays let you add a little extra scent wherever and whenever you need it. These small spray bottles can be spritzed around the room or sprayed directly onto dining room chairs, couches and bedspreads or into closets or drawers.

Fragrance Sets

Value-packed fragrance sets include three or more fragrance items in coordinating scents. One great way to use these sets is to keep the candle in the kitchen, the potpourri blend in the living room and the diffuser in the bathroom. Food-based scents, like pink grapefruit and lemongrass ginger, work especially well as kitchen candles.

Though you can divide up the items according to your own personal preference, it's important to keep at least one fragrance item in the kitchen to set the tone for the home. Most candle and room fragrance scent options also have a matching dish soap to further enhance the atmosphere in your kitchen. While these fragrance sets are great for personal use, they also make very thoughtful gifts for any holiday or special occasion.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so keep this space smelling its best with kitchen candles and room fragrance from Williams Sonoma. After a long day of cooking, kitchen candles add a refreshing scent and relaxing glow, restoring a much-needed sense of calmness to the space. Luxury diffusers, potpourri and other room fragrance essentials can also be used all around the home to decorate and freshen up your other living spaces.

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