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Jam, Honey & Syrup

From the humble peanut butter and honey sandwich to maple-syrup-topped pancakes and layer cakes separated by preserved fruit spreads, sweet food toppings add a zing of bright, fruity flavor and sweetness wherever applied. If your tastes have graduated from faux maple syrup and classic grape jelly, Williams-Sonoma’s food toppings section is likely to have something that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your sophisticated palate. Whether you choose to spread your new favorite jam flavor on plain toast or mix pure maple syrup into a marinade recipe, you’ll find plenty of excuses to indulge in these sweet selections.

For many people across the world, breakfast just isn’t the same without some jam or syrup to sweeten the deal. From oatmeal to toast and even bagels with a thin schmear of cream cheese, many of the foods we turn to first thing in the morning are better with the addition of something sweet. Jam can make something bland but healthy infinitely more palatable, while maple syrup can provide a moist and sweet contrast to a fluffy, hot pancake right off the griddle. No matter how you choose to eat them in the morning, our sweet food toppings provide a pleasing scent and flavor as you greet the day.

As part of our commitment to the highest quality products, we source our food toppings from the finest makers and natural sources available. We offer several varieties of maple syrup, including pure syrup from Vermont’s legendary sugar maple forests. With no additives to distract from the flavor, these syrups bring you pure sugary goodness in each bite. For a slight twist on the classic flavor, try a bottle of maple syrup that’s aged in bourbon barrels for additional complexity and delight. Use these syrups on the traditional pancakes or waffles or use them to sweeten everything from Greek yogurt to a freshly brewed cup of tea.

If you prefer to spread jam on your pancakes, our food toppings section offers plenty of options for you to try. We have classic flavors like strawberry jam and lemon curd, but we do also provide you with the opportunity to expand your jammy horizons with flavors that blend ingredients like champagne and orange, giving you a flavor that’s reminiscent of that beloved breakfast cocktail, the mimosa. We offer jam from renowned brands such as Fortnum & Mason, giving you confidence in quality that you may not get from a brand that relies on modern additives such as high-fructose corn syrup to lend sweetness to its jams.

Whether you’re indulging in weekend waffles, adding some fruity flavor to your morning croissant or looking for a filling to use for Christmas thumbprint cookies, our jams and syrups are versatile companions that you’ll want to keep on hand in your pantry. If you’re finding grocery store jelly and faux maple syrup to be too cloyingly sweet for your tastes, get back to basics with these carefully crafted classics. You’ll get bites of real fruit and the depth of flavor that only genuine, pure maple syrup can bring.

With such great flavors on hand, you may find yourself wanting to expand your horizons to enjoy our food toppings in entirely new contexts. All of our toppings are great candidates for blending sweet and savory. Try adding maple syrup to your next batch of homemade barbecue sauce or as a substitute for sugar in a homemade teriyaki marinade. And if you’ve never experienced the joy that is cheese and jam on a cracker or even a grilled cheese sandwich with a lick of jam, do yourself a favor and give it a try.