Desserts & Baked Goods

Whether you’re planning for a holiday, birthday, graduation or everyday treat, Williams-Sonoma’s desserts & baked goods are the perfect choice. From colorful decorated birthday cakes to holiday-themed petits fours and cupcakes for any circumstance, our ready-made desserts & baked goods ship fresh from high-end bakeries that we’ve vetted for quality and presentation. Choose a floral-decorated cake for Mother’s Day or a delicious tiramisu for a dinner party dessert – no matter what you end up selecting, your food order will ship directly from the baker to your home. If you don’t have time to bake an elaborate cake and want to bring the best baked goods to your guests, this product category is just what you need to make it happen.

Cakes are some of the most time- and labor-intensive baked goods in the pantheon, and while this time and effort spent creating a gorgeous, tasty cake is typically well worth it for enthusiastic home bakers, time is of the essence in some situations. Whether you make everything from scratch or lean on mixes to make your elaborately decorated cake creations, you may occasionally find yourself in a situation in which you need a cake for an event that you can’t bake for. Perhaps you have other items on the menu that you’d rather focus on, or you’re going to be traveling to a location where you can’t bring along your cake-making supplies. In these scenarios, our desserts & baked goods can be real lifesavers, allowing you to present guests with a beautiful and tasty treat.

Our desserts & baked goods are available in a variety of sizes, flavors and styles, including some holiday-themed treats that are perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner or Halloween party. Check out our other food options to see if there’s something on offer that would make a perfect main course or side dish for you to devour before moving on to your tantalizing dessert course. No matter what you order, our food deliveries are all carefully packaged according to exacting standards to ensure food safety and quality presentation.

Among the flavors we offer for our desserts & baked goods are chocolate, cheesecake, orange, cranberry, pumpkin spice, vanilla and gingerbread. We have cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, tarts, brownies, caramel apples, ice cream sandwiches, rugelach, baklava, creme brulee and more. We even offer both gluten-free and standard-recipe baked goods and dessert treats, so you’ll have plenty of options to suit your specific needs. These tasty treats all make perfect gifts too, so you never have to worry about what to get for the gourmand who seems to have everything.

From seasonal options like pumpkin spice and festively iced Christmas cookies to everyday delights like pineapple upside-down cake and caramel sauce for ice cream or pies, our desserts & baked goods product selection provides something for everyone on any occasion. Anyone with a sweet tooth and an appreciation for finely crafted cakes will find plenty of options to delight and tempt in this part of our website, so shop around and see what wonders await you.

Because they’re carefully packaged and arrive with any necessary prep instructions, including thawing if the product arrives frozen, these desserts & baked goods make thoughtful gifts for foodies near and far. Send a birthday cake to your college-student kid or a delicious batch of cookies to a friend across town who’s suffering from a bout of the blues. You’ll find the perfect flavors and decorations to suit any occasion, so don’t hesitate to check back whenever you want to give a tasty gift to someone you love and care for.

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