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WOLL Diamond Cookware

WOLL Diamond Cookware makes an ideal gift for a gourmet cook or a novice just learning some basic culinary skills. Established by master chef Norbert Woll, the finest features in cookware blend with the practical needs for the kitchen. Designed with cast aluminum handmade in Germany, the cookware is built to last. The patent pending nonstick coating infused with genuine diamond crystals is eco-friendly and allows for healthy, low-fat cooking. The sturdy diamond cookware looks good too while providing commercial-quality pots and pans. Glass lids allow you to see what’s cooking without lifting the lid and letting the heat escape. Handles that don’t heat up keep them safe, so you don’t have to worry about the cook burning their hands each time they go to stir the pot. The cookware makes an excellent gift idea coupled with a cookbook to peruse. New or inexperienced cooks will especially appreciate them.

The 5-qt. stock pot has flared stay-cool handles and a tempered glass and stainless-steel lid that maintains moisture when cooking soups and stews or making your own stock. The pot works with gas or electric stoves and is oven safe up to 500 degrees, so it can go from stove top to oven. It’s even dishwasher-safe. To protect the nonstick coating, use wooden or silicone spatulas and spoons while you are cooking. They are strong, yet safe for the cookware. Walnut and European olivewood cooking tools are specially designed for us at Williams-Sonoma. They are elegant enough to double as serving pieces. To keep them readily available while preparing meals, a decorative utensil holder looks good on the countertop and holds them until you need them. No more searching in drawers for what you need when you can just grab it and keep cooking.

A square grill pan allows grill marks to show on a filet mignon or roasted zucchini. The waffled surface of the pan also works well for cooking bacon or sausage. The grease can puddle in the divots, allowing for crispier bacon and sausage patties or links. Splatter screens are essential for keeping grease or hot oil in the pan and not on you or the stove and countertop. Steam can escape during cooking to prevent foods, like eggplant and okra, from getting soggy. Choose from silicone or stainless-steel splatter screens.

Saucepans are probably some of the most used items in the kitchen. With a 2-qt. and 2 3/4-qt. option, pick the size you would need most or go with both just in case. Stir vegetables, warm up leftovers or cook pasta in these pans. The stay-cool stainless-steel handles are super easy to use. Be sure to include a strainer or colander for pasta and other dishes that need draining. The strainers are also good for rinsing vegetables and fruit or dried beans before cooking. Stainless-steel mesh or colanders with holes get the job done, but they are very attractive and can actually be hung on a wall in the kitchen. Or store them on top of a cabinet. Some come in bright colors to match the color scheme in the kitchen and varying sizes to meet your cooking needs.

Frying pans also come in varying sizes. They all have a nonstick surface, which leads to less oil or butter and a healthier meal. An 8" is the perfect size for omelets, and a 9 1/2" is good for French toast. A 11" frying pan would work well with stir-fry dishes. Throw a big batch of jambalaya in a 12 1/2" pan. These pans are best hand-washed. To make the prep work quicker and easier, consider using a spiralizer or multi-chopper for the veggies in the omelet, the stir-fry ingredients and the jambalaya. Having the right equipment can make you look like a pro and make a great presentation on the table.