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Browse Baking Ingredients for All Your Favorites at Williams Sonoma

A fresh loaf of sourdough, a beautiful chocolate cake, a crisp tart filled with your favorite vegetables - they're all exceptional options if you love to bake sweet and savory dishes. Whether you're a baking expert or a total newcomer, we've got the high-quality baking ingredients to help you put your recipes over the top. Keep reading to learn more about the essentials and special ingredients you can shop for today.

Why Buy High-Quality Baking Ingredients?

Every chef knows that you can't make a great cake, batch of cookies or loaf of bread with bad ingredients. That's why we stock high-quality ingredients designed to help you make the most out of every recipe you've got in your box. Try new recipes or fine-tune old family secrets with some of the best ingredients on the market. You'll never wonder if your finished dishes could be better if only you had the best ingredients again!

What Can I Buy?

Every baker needs to have a pantry full of ingredients ready to go. After all, you never know when you might decide it's time to start a mid-morning tart or make a midnight mud pie. Here are a few top baking ingredients you can find at Williams Sonoma:

  • Fine quality vanilla. Vanilla comes from all over the world, but varieties from Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti tend to rule the roost. Buy a few small bottles to try out different varieties or look for a larger size of your favorite vanilla, so you're never running low when it's time to bake. You can also find vanilla sets that'll give you a few different options whenever the urge to bake strikes.
  • Cocoa powder. Chocolate is a must-have, so stock up on the good stuff. You can also find other varieties that are great for finishing cakes and dusting over desserts like espresso powder.
  • Pre-made mixes. Make an incredible pie crust with a pre-made mix that'll never let you down. Stock up and fill your pantry so you're ready whenever you need a last-minute pie to round out your dinner.
  • Specialty flour. Gone gluten-free? Pick up top-tier gluten-free flour so you don't miss a baking beat.
  • Frosting mix. Make vanilla or chocolate frosting in seconds with ready-to-go frosting mix. Creating tasty cupcakes has never been easier!
  • Decorative sprinkles. Do you love multi-colored sprinkles? Maybe you're all about the all-white sprinkles? Whatever look you like, you can find tons of sprinkles to put a bright, vibrant topping on all of your desserts. Shop individual sprinkle styles or go for multi-packs that'll give you more options.
  • Decorating gels and pens. Turn a tempting cake or batch of cupcakes into a true work of art. Write a colorful message or go for an abstract design for a more modern look.

Shop baking ingredients and Williams Sonoma so you can create all the baked goods of your dreams. Try out new recipes or just perfect your cake decorating skills with must-have ingredients today.

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