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Staub's colorful French enameled
cast-iron cookware and ceramic
bakeware combine world-class
performance and durability with
oven-to-table convenience.



Staub History

The Staub journey began in the Alsace region of France – an area famous for hearty
one-pot recipes and fine enameled ceramics. Francis Staub designed his first enameled
cookware in 1974, when he was working in an old French artillery factory. For the ultimate
blend of beauty and function, he combined durable cast iron with the era's latest
enameling technology. Today, Staub offers a wide range of colorful enameled cast-iron
cookware and ceramic bakeware, crafted by master artisans in Alsace.


The Staub factory in the Alsatian countryside

The Staub factory in the Alsatian countryside


Iron pots are individually cast in traditional molds

Pots are finished with three layers of enamel coating


The Staub Factory

Each piece is crafted by a single artisan


 Artisans hand-finish each piece before firing

Staub Features & Benefits

Staub Features & Benefits

Enamel Coating

For durability and easy care,
the enamel finish offers top
resistance to thermal shock
and scratching.


Self-Basting Lids

Cocotte lids have self-basting
spikes that allow drops of
condensation to baste foods
during cooking.


Eco-Friendly Designs

For healthy cooking and
a healthy planet, pieces are
cadmium-free, lead-free,
PTFE-free and PFOA-free.



Majolique Finish

Staub cast-iron cookware is famous for its
beautiful, durable enamel finish. The coating
is made with glass powder and mineral
pigments, then applied in three layers for
brilliant color with a rich, glossy sheen.



Shop Staub by Color

Staub's heirloom-quality cookware and bakeware are available in a beautiful assortment
of vibrant hues. Select a shade below to see the pieces we offer in that color.


Shop Staub by Colors
Staub and Michelin 3-Star Chef Paul Bocuse >


Staub and
Michelin 3-Star Chef
Paul Bocuse




Staub Animal Knobs


Give your Staub cast-iron ovens and cocottes a charming new look with gleaming
nickel-plated brass knobs in the shapes of four favorite culinary creatures.


Staub Animal Knobs
The Story of Staub’s Iconic Tomato Cocotte >


The Story of Staub’s
Iconic Tomato Cocotte




Staub Recipes