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Enclume Cookware

Are you running out of storage for your cookware? Or is your enamelware simply too gorgeous to put away? Whether you’re looking for a creative storage solution or want to turn your copper pots and Le Creuset bakeware into a kitchen art installment, Enclume has got you covered.

Ceiling racks fit into almost any kitchen decor. These handy utility pieces offer stylish function for hanging your pots and pans in a space you’re likely not already using for something else. Mount a pot rack over your kitchen island to minimize the likelihood of anyone accidentally running into low hanging pots, then hang away. Choose from racks that hold four to six pieces and ones that mount directly against the ceiling for smaller spaces. Or opt for a classic hanging rectangular model that adds depth to your kitchen.

Add extra storage behind the stove or next to your most used work area with a wall mounted cookware rack. These convenient racks keep a couple of your favorite small pots and pans close at hand for those quick moments when you want to boil an egg or throw a sauce together. Use racks without hooks to keep your pot lids close by when you’re ready to simmer some grains or close up a stock pot for a long boil.

Perhaps you want to get some of your larger pieces out of the kitchen altogether to free up some of your precious cabinet space. An Enclume cookware stand is just the ticket for supporting your pots beyond the cabinet. Choose from a variety of multitiered cookware stands for the counter or dining room corner. This way, you can keep larger items, like Dutch ovens and casseroles, close at hand and show off their fun colors or unique style to add an extra bit of flair to your kitchen.

Working with limited space and need a multifunctional piece? Look no farther than a wall-mounted deep bookshelf rack that keeps cookware and a few of your favorite cookbooks right where you need them. Mount pots and pans below and stack up your trusty cookbook collection up top to keep your family’s most adored recipes close to your cooking or prep area. Wall mounted racks are also a good place to store smaller items like coffee mugs or cooking utensils.

Maybe you don’t want to store your cookbooks in the “splash zone” but could still use the convenience of a wall-mounted rack. Not a problem. At Williams-Sonoma we also offer a collection of other wall mounted Enclume cookware racks to choose from. Pick a rack with an arch over top to match the style of your range hood. Or choose a half circle rack that lets you put some pots or lids right next to the stove.

If you’ve already got an Enclume cookware system that you love but need a place to hang a few more utensils or lids, you can select some extra hooks to add to your pot rack. You can also select brackets for giving your wall-mounted rack some extra support. And don’t forget custom trivets for your cookware stand. You want to ensure that your ceramic dishes are well-supported in their new display.

Before you purchase an Enclume cookware storage solution, make sure to take stock of the cookware that you want to display and double check that everything will fit on the rack that you choose. You’ll also want to measure the head space in places where you want to hang a rack from the ceiling and wall space along the side of the stove, or anywhere else you imagine your wall rack going. If your kitchen space is too small for a storage system, consider adding a tiered rack to the corner of the dining room or even mounting a small wall rack right outside of the kitchen for pieces that don’t fit in the cabinets.

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