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Prepare Hearty Dishes with Staub Cookware

Cook warm, delicious meals with Staub cookware. This beloved line of pots, pans, French ovens and more is designed so you can enjoy the rib-sticking foods you love from home. Like a lighter meal? Use your Staub pot to prepare vegetable soups or try a fresh sauté in a pan. This high quality, brightly colored cookware draws from the finest European traditions so you can concoct rich dishes worth sitting down and savoring.

Superlative Materials for Delicious Meals

Selecting a Staub cookware set is an easy choice when you discover the reliable longevity of its materials.

  • Cast iron is durable and retains heat better than almost any other material, making it perfect for simmering, stewing or baking casseroles or breads.
  • Staub's cast iron is resistant to rust, chipping and cracking. The seasoning you usually have to do to get cast iron in shape for the long run is already done for you.
  • Exterior finishes are brightly colored, glossy and strong enough to withstand high heat in the oven and look great on the table.
  • Enamel interiors contain quartz traces for superior browning and heat resistance.

The Beauty of A One-Dish Meal

Staub remains popular with home chefs because it makes cooking interesting and fuss-free. While many people like to make a couple of different sides to go with an entree, a number of Staub pieces allow you to create meals in one pot or cocotte.

  • Make thick stews on your stovetop, even induction tops. Let pots or French ovens simmer for as long as you like, thanks to cast iron's heat retention.
  • Create new casseroles. These dishes are a staple of good cooking, especially for families or in cooler months. Mix in lots of protein and veggies for personalized takes on the format.
  • Roast whole birds or large cuts of meat so they cook in their juices with seasonings and vegetables.

How To Use A Staub Cocotte

As you explore the versatility of your Staub pieces, get to know the cocotte. This simple essential piece feels like a luxury because it's so well-made, but the style of cookware has been a basic in kitchens for centuries.

  • When you hear people describe French dishes as en cocotte, they're referring to meals made in this round or oval pot. It's also called a French oven.
  • The Staub French oven varies from a typical Dutch oven, perhaps the one you're more familiar with because it's lined with enamel. Both are made of cast iron.
  • There's no need to add a lot of extra liquid to your cocotte. The point is the food's juices aid in cooking and the interior of the French oven aids in browning.

Add these appealing pieces to your cookware collection for a lasting way to create nourishing meals for you and your family.

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