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Fry Pans & Skillets

Fry Pans & Skillets

Whether you’re making breakfast, throwing together a quick lunch or creating a culinary masterpiece for dinner, chances are you rely on skillets to get the job done. At Williams-Sonoma it’s easy to find a new favorite frying pan that stays by your side for years. We have the variety you need to handle recipes of any size and style. There are precision pieces for pros or workhorse skillets that take care of families day after day. They all have one thing in common: high-quality materials that produce excellent results. Having the right cooking utensils on hand is another big help.

Relax with nonstick. Our advanced nonstick frying pans give you the easy cleanup and effortless browning you expect, but without harmful materials. All of our cookware is PFAO-free to keep your family safe. Hard-anodized aluminum is damage-resistant and consistent. It distributes heat quickly and evenly so foods cook exactly the way you want. And with three layers of nonstick coating, our skillets can even handle metal cooking utensils without flinching. Pick out a favorite spatula to use with eggs, pancakes and proteins.

If you want to take nonstick to the next level, think ceramic. Virtually scratchproof and extremely stain-resistant, ceramic frying pans are a breeze to clean. Even sticky scrambled eggs are simple to wipe off thanks to the ultrasmooth surface. Expect professional results when searing proteins and browning chicken, meats, veggies and other ingredients. And best of all, ceramic is conducive to healthy eating since it lets you cook with very little or no oil at all. A mortar and pestle lets you add tons of natural flavor to dishes.

Being able to control the temperature of your ingredients correctly plays a huge part in ending up with a tasty finished product. Our skillets are carefully crafted with smart materials that distribute heat evenly. That way you don’t have to worry about hotspots, sticking, burning and other disasters. Look for pieces with an aluminum or copper core – or several layers – to have a lot of control over heat. The result is food that’s juicy and done just right. An inner layer of stainless-steel is important to guarantee maximum even heating potential to bring out the fullness of flavor.

All-Clad means pro. The All-Clad series of cookware is known – and loved – by professional chefs across the globe. That’s because it’s synonymous with unparalleled construction and multiple layers specially designed to enhance every aspect of cooking. Our All-Clad skillets are no different. Aluminum layers conduct and maintain heat throughout the surface, which is important for delicate dishes like omelets or ingredients that have to be cooked to the perfect degree.

Enameled cast iron skillets are great for comfort foods and deep flavors. They have enough space for a full breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon – even at the same time if you’re in a hurry – right on the stove top. A beautiful enamel finish provides a nonstick cooking surface and means you can take things straight from kitchen to dining room table for easier serving. And when it comes to homemade potatoes au gratin, macaroni and cheese, or slow-cooked meats, cast iron can’t be beat. It can go directly from stove top – for searing or sautéing – to oven without missing a step. Wide handles make our skillets easy to work with and protect you from accidents. For entertaining, don’t forget to have stylish serveware on hand for you and your guests.

Not all frying pans are made equal in size. So pick the right skillet for the job for enjoyable cooking. Medium 10" pans are good for searing proteins and cooking several different ingredients. When you feel like making a one-pot meal, larger 12" skillets with high sides come to the rescue. And for quick eggs, go with an 8"'/ pan instead. No matter what you choose, high-quality materials let you finish faster and spend time on the things you love the most. Use a food processor take even more work out of food prep.

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