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FINEX Cookware

FINEX cookware offers a fusion of enduring culinary tradition and contemporary inventiveness with its line of cast-iron fry pans and skillets. Cast-iron skillets have long been a fixture in American kitchens for generations, and FINEX re-imagines this favorite kitchen implement to give you a line of cookware that is unique to the brand. One look at a FINEX pan and you’ll see what makes it stand out from other cast-iron cookware. FINEX cookware breaks design tradition with its octagonal skillets and symmetrical angles. Beyond its looks, however, FINEX cookware still gives you all of the advantages of cooking with traditional cast-iron pans and the extra benefits that come with its unique shape.

The FINEX cookware line we have available at Williams-Sonoma includes skillets, two types of grill pans and a saucepan. All of the FINEX cookware are of heavyweight cast-iron material that is reminiscent of the heavy-duty skillets that have become heirlooms in many all-American families. Another feature of the FINEX line of cast-iron cookware is at the bottom where there is a large stamp of the company’s logo, as well as the address, Portland Oregon, where the cookware comes from. The handles on FINEX cookware likewise present an improvement from the traditional design, which usually heats up as you cook. With a spring handle that is in the shape of a barrel and is similar to wooden stove handles, FINEX cookware handles stay relatively cool to the touch.

Compared to other types of cookware materials such as stainless-steel, cast-iron weighs more. This extra heft in cast-iron cookware gives it more stability whether on cooktops, in the oven or on the grill. Apart from the stable spring handles, FINEX cookware has helper handles to make it easier for you to move the pans around. When you need to empty out the contents of the pan, the unique octagonal design gives you six different channels to pour out your sauce or casserole. This feature becomes in even handier on a crowded stove or grill.

FINEX cookware comes with an organic pre-seasoning of flax seed oil, which gives it a smooth and durable finish that is resistant to rust. Like in other cast-iron skillets, this pre-seasoning is what gives FINEX cast-iron pans a natural nonstick cooking surface, which cuts your need for butter or oil when cooking. Synthetic non-stick surfaces in other types of cookware emit toxic fumes that can seep into your food. You don’t have to worry about this risk in cast-iron cookware. Instead, cast-iron cookware naturally infuses your food with dietary iron as you cook, which along the need for lesser oil for cooking, makes them a healthier cookware for your family.

You may purchase FINEX cookware per pan or as a set. The set includes an 8-inch skillet, a 12-inch skillet with lid and a 12-inch grill pan. The lid that comes with the skillet fits tightly onto the rim, which helps keep the steam in for a more flavorful meal. Inside the lid are drip rings that collect the condensation from the meal that you are cooking and directs it back to the food. The FINEX cookware set also comes with a cherrywood trivet where you can safely set the skillets and pans safely straight from the oven or the cooktop.

The FINEX double handle grill pan and the sauce pot are not included in the set. The double handle grill pan measures 12 1/2 inches in diameter while the sauce pot has a 6-inch diameter and a 3-quart capacity. FINEX skillets, pans and pots are compatible with all cooktops, induction cooking and even for baking. When thinking of purchasing any FINEX cookware piece or the entire set, expect the skillets and pans to be heavy, especially if it will be your first time to own cast-iron cookware. Check your kitchen counter and storage area and make any necessary adjustments for your new FINEX cookware.

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