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Staub Basil Green Cookware

Having beautiful cookware in colors you love makes spending time in the kitchen even more enjoyable. That’s why we at Williams-Sonoma offer a wide range of colorful pieces including Staub Basil Green Cookware to brighten up the room while also adding incredible function to your kitchen. Staub is a world-renowned French brand known for its heavyweight enameled cast-iron cookware that transfers and retains heat evenly. Each piece features a stunning multicoat enameling that creates a glossy, vibrantly colored majolique finish that resembles fine ceramics. All of Staub’s cookware including braisers and fry pans can go from the stove top or oven directly to the table for a stunning presentation.

Staub makes baking everything from cakes and sweet treats to loafs of bread and casseroles quick and easy with baking dishes featuring their basil green finish for a natural appearance. Staub’s bakers are ideal for baking hearty gratins, crisps and casseroles as the pan is designed to deliver a crispy brown crust atop an evenly cooked dish. The basil green enamel is resistant to rust, chipping and cracking so your cookware will maintain its lustrous appearance through years of use. The enamel coating requires no additional seasoning like some other cast-iron pieces so you can get straight to work.

Inspire the look of personalized cooking in your home with specialty cookware including cocottes in mini and large sizes to suit all your needs. Opt for large cocottes to slow cook homemade chili or a hearty stew or select several mini cocottes to create individual portions sizes of savory casseroles or sweet desserts. Each cocotte features a black matte interior enamel that contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a textured surface that results in better browning. The green basil finish features a lid knob made of nickel-plated brass for a glimmering finish to a stunning cookware piece that ensures a comfortable and sturdy grip.

Staub Green Basil Cookware pieces are available individually or as part of larger cookware sets so you can outfit your kitchen with the precise pieces you need or all of the essentials. Our cookware sets offer versatility as you can pick from two-, four- and seven-piece sets to round out your arsenal. Our mini cocottes come in sets of three so you can buy as many as you need to fit your dinner party or family size. Our set includes a wide range of pans from fry pans and braisers to grills.

Our collection of grill pans from Staub is available in the basil green finish so you can pair each piece with fry pans from the wider collection to create a full set. The ridges on the bottom of this pan leave seared grill marks and elevate food in order to separate the drippings for healthier cooking. The smooth enameled base is compatible with all cooktops, including induction so you can enjoy this stunning cookware on any stove top. These grill pans also feature a convenient spout on the side to facilitate pouring liquids. The pan’s cast-iron construction means it can be used indoors on the stove or outdoors on the grill.

Staub makes afternoon tea or a morning pick-me-up even better with stunning tea kettles that feature the basil green enamel finish. This tea kettle is designed with a beautiful stove top-to-table functionality that heats liquids slowly and keeps them warm long after you remove it from heat. Pair the tea kettle with an infuser to make tea directly in the pot or use it to boil water to pour over coffee grinds or individual tea bags for guests that prefer different flavors. The tea kettle lid features Staub’s signature logo and makes a statement piece your friends and family will love.

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