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Cookware Made In Italy

We love bringing you a wide range of cookware made across the globe to suit your preferences. Our cookware made in Italy at Williams-Sonoma inspires traditional Italian cooking while adding stunning style to your space. World-renowned for their copper cookware, Ruffoni offers a range of stunning cookware pieces that are crafted in Italy. Ruffoni Italian cookware features a hammered finish that adds texture and dimension to your stove top, and each piece is beautiful enough to be used when serving from the stove top to the table.

Ruffoni’s copper cookware heats up quickly and reacts to changes in heat more precisely than other metal alternatives. That makes the copper core cookware an ideal choice for professional chefs who require precision when executing complicated recipes. Ruffoni offers one copper collection called the Historia Collection and two additional collections, the Opus Prima and Symphonia, that feature a stainless-steel construction. All of Ruffoni’s cookware is crafted meticulously in Italy for exquisite pieces that tackle any job in the kitchen.

We offer stainless-steel cookware from Ruffoni as well as the Williams-Sonoma Signature Collection, which is also produced in Italy. Stainless-steel cookware is durable and does not chip, rust or even stain, making it an ideal choice for daily use that will last for years to come. This metal also does not leach or react with food so it preserves the flavor of every meal for delicious taste even when cooking with acidic foods, such as tomatoes. Maintain the appearance of your Italian made stainless-steel cookware by simply polishing each piece with a towel before storing it away for later use. If you are concerned about the planet, stainless-steel is a terrific option as it is completely recyclable; you don’t need to worry about waste if you choose to upgrade your pans years from now.

It’s no surprise that most pasta tools are made in Italy. Opt for electric or hand-crank pasta machines to create homemade noodles. We even offer ravioli trays that are made in Italy so you can make your favorite stuffed pasta from scratch for an authentic taste. Opt for a wooden pasta dryer made it Italy to perfectly hang noodles, including spaghetti and linguine, to cure before boiling. Make sure to choose a stainless-steel pastry cutter or pasta wheel that’s also made in Italy so you can quickly cut the shapes you need out of your homemade dough.

Many of our cheese tools are also crafted in Italy. Use them to add fresh toppings to pizza and pasta for an authentic dish. Opt for a truffle shaver to add elegant taste to creamy pasta dishes or choose a box grater to add Parmesan cheese to the top of pasta dishes easily. A marble mortar and pestle from Italy lets you grind up spices and herbs to create your own homemade pesto for a meal the whole family will love. Carving knives from Italian brands mean you can slice up juicy strips of meat to add to carbonara.

Our Italian made cookware and cooks tools even make baking a more enjoyable experience. Choose from molds for cookies and cakes to make stunning desserts that dress up a dessert table or add the finishing touches to an exquisite dinner party. Opt for mini cake molds from Ruffoni to create individual cakes that will make your guests feel extra special. Crafted in Italy of solid copper with a warm, lustrous finish, the six different sculptural molds can double as an elegant place setting and kitchen decor when not in use. Our Italian molds all feature ring grips that can be used to hang the pans elegantly from pots racks for a statement piece in the kitchen.

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