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Le Creuset Pomegranate Cookware

Le Creuset pomegranate cookware is a spectacular addition to your kitchen collection. Designed for easy cleaning and made to last, these Dutch ovens, grills, casseroles and baking dishes can help you create culinary masterpieces.

Pomegranate-Colored Le Creuset Cookware

Like all Le Creuset cookware, pomegranate-colored cookware from this French powerhouse is highly desirable in the kitchen. Each is designed to last, featuring a hard enamel coating that can stand up to the rigors of frequent cooking. Most Le Creuset pieces can be used on ceramic, induction, electric and gas ranges, as well as in ovens - and even the lids are heatproof up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset Dutch ovens are ideal for:

  • Slow-cooked meals. These pieces of cookware are perfect for creating meals bursting with flavor that blends together seamlessly.
  • Soups and stews. Dutch ovens provide plenty of space and tightly fitted lids and using them to slow-cook soups and stews is the perfect solution.
  • One-pot dishes. When you cook one-pot dishes, the best choice is a Dutch oven - there's ample space inside and you'll save time on clean-up.

Some of the reasons Le Creuset Dutch ovens are so popular include:

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Durable glaze
  • Tough construction
  • Easy-carry handles

Grill Pans

Le Creuset's grill pans are the ideal choice when your goal is simple, healthy cooking. These enameled, cast-iron grill pans can perform indoors or out, and they're perfect for veggies, steaks, shrimp and other seafood and everything in between. Pomegranate grill pans by Le Creuset feature:

  • Cast iron, which absorbs and distributes heat evenly
  • Nonreactive, black-enameled interiors that don't require seasoning (and that are easy to clean)
  • Slender design that fits over a single burner on the stovetop or grill, or that fits neatly under your broiler
  • Dishwasher-safe design


Rectangular casserole dishes are perfect for lasagna, casseroles and meat roasts. Designed as a versatile and durable cooker that's safe in the oven, broiler, freezer and microwave, Le Creuset's casserole dishes feature:

  • Tightly fitted lids to seal in moisture
  • High-fired stoneware that ensures even heating
  • Rugged porcelain enamel glaze finishes that resists chips and scratches
  • Flared handles with a scalloped design you can easily grip

Baking Dishes

Designed for everything from cornbread and macaroni and cheese to baked desserts, Le Creuset's pomegranate baking dishes are durable and rugged enough for anything you can whip up. These baking dishes are safe for the oven, broiler, freezer and microwave and they're made from high-fired stoneware that ensures even heating.

Le Creuset pomegranate cookware is the perfect choice for your kitchen. They cook and present exceptionally well, so they're versatile enough for everyday use and entertaining.

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